Friday, March 10, 2006

One step forward...two back

Still can't seem to get much going on the poker front this week.Came 4th from 6 in the Gers fans $3 sng before dropping $45 when my AQ ran into QJ and the villan hit both for 2 pairs to beat me.

The only plus point was that I kept my head and over the next hour managed to grind back $30.....only to lose $10 in my last hand of the night with a donkey move.

This has been my week of donkey plays and probably shows why I'm not ready for the next levels.

Work night out postponed until the start of next month and Mrs A working tomorrow night so I should be able to squeeze in more than a few hands.I'm going to try and start earlier though as last Saturdays 8pm-8am session really took it out of me.

You know what pisses me off in life? I was driving onto the motorway from the town when a bus came right up the hard shoulder so I flashed my lights and waved him in.He never waved,flashed his hazards or did anything to say thanks.I think I'm going to buy an old wreck of a car and when I let someone in ahead of me and don't get any thanks I'll just cruise on in to the back of them then abandon ship.I've mentioned the lazy bassa's who don't indicate before but the "I'm in now,FU "mob piss me off just as much.

Someone not as calm or laidback as me may have switched lanes a few times in order to draw level then yell abuse at the culprit but not me...

Strange because usually I'm quite chilled.I don't smoke during the day so I blame nicotine withdrawl though I'm also a total maniac when I'm tired or hungry.I think I'm turning into a grumpy old man!

Shouldn't complain when I only have 5 working days left before my week in the sun.Seeing as I'll be in holiday mode next week I may even play in the Dadi event at 'Stars on Monday night.I'm not really a tourney player.Shorthanded cash games are my main bag but the Dadi events are always great to play in and as this ones 6 max I have no excuses ( other than only getting 3-4 hours sleep that night!). 2am gmt start.Password:Blogsaregay

Rented "The Business" which is the sequel to "The Football factory" we saw last weekend.Looking forward to watching that then hitting the tables.

Listening to my Dave Gilmour cd and after not being so sure on my first listen its growing on me.Still mostly playing Johnny Cash on my cd player these days.

Ok thats all for now.I'm off to shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die....


At Sunday, 12 March, 2006, Blogger Donkey Face said...

If you think the bus driver was rude...

I was at Waterloo in a long queue for the Eurostar. An elderly Frenchman with his wife looked as if they wanted to squeeze through the queue so we made some space for them.

But no. He didn't want to step through. He just wanted to step in front of us and get to the front of the queue. Even worse. He sniffed at us as if we were dog turds beneath his heal. Cheeky git!


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