Monday, March 06, 2006


Just a short post today.My brain is still hurting from my marathon Sat night poker session.I was reading today that people who do crosswords,Suduko etc will be less prone to Alzheimers disease when they are older because they have been using their brains.I wonder if the same applies to poker.

After posting here last night Mrs A and I watched a bit of tv.She even let me watch a little of the Full Tilt invatational tourney which Phil Ivey eventually won.Devilfish was 3rd.Not sure if it was recent.I've still to catch the 2005 main event final table.The UK poker channels are great for watching internet poker ( with all hole cards seen) but not much else.

Later Mrs A went to bed and I played a little poker at Laddys with Juice and Rosie.Paid $11 to play in the late night crapshoot but didn't last long.

$12 down in total from my Laddys session I moved to Party's $25 nl 6 max tables and won $25 after 20 mins of supertight play was rewarded by a big hand holding up.

Mark may be up later tonight.Tomorrow night is the big game and I'm out on Friday night so for once poker may take a back seat.

Main French newspaper "LeQuipe" says Le Guen has signed a 2 year deal at Rangers.Please please let this be true! Hope to find out more after the 2nd leg of our Champions league game tomorrow.

Looking to book our May/June holiday soon.There was a deal in the paper at the weekend which was only £600 for 3 of us to go all inclusive for a week to Majorca.The only hitch is that the rooms don't have air-con.I'm a bad sleeper at the best of times and hate hot stuffy rooms.I need complete silence and a cool room ( plus my own well travelled pillow!).Still its a great deal and great deals appeal to tightasses like me!

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