Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stats update and witterings

31/12/05 - 31/01/06 = $248 profit 74 hours played. Bankroll total $3063

31/01/06 - 28/02/06 = $455 profit 45 hours played.Bankroll total $3517

Current standings: Interpoker $1348 ,Ladbrokes $1285,Pokerroom $785 Party $199 ( inc $100 dep)

The decrease in playing hours is probably because I was off work until Jan 9th and played a ton over Xmas.Hours played doesn't include Pokerroom ( est 5 hrs) or tourney time.

Played a little over the last few nights for a net profit of $17.Mrs A was asking when we're going to go and live somewhere hot and sunny instead of cold wet Scotland.She was only joking of course as I could never leave my beloved football team.( or family obviously!).I watched the Gers play in a pub in Florida when we were over in '99 and there are supporters clubs all over the world but nothing beats my seat in the Rangers end.

I had considered a life of crime a few years ago.Cigarettes are £5.50 per 20 these days and in Gran Canaria they are £13 for 200.Live in the Canaries and make two visits home a month with a full suitcase and spend the rest of the time on the beach.Ok I only considered it when very wasted late at night whilst looking out to sea from the hotel balcony but now I have a new plan!

The $4239 I made playing low stakes nl last year may not be enough to go pro in this country but with the wonder of the net I could be playing my poker and living very comfortably in somewhere like Goa in India or even Sharm in Egypt.

I think I just need my upcoming trip to Egypt really badly.Even a customer remarked today that my job is shit ( after arguing for 10 minutes) and at times I would struggle to disagree.Why the hell should we all work anyway? We're on this earth for a mere nano-second in time yet we have to spend most of it grinding away at work.Its all wrong!! I don't mean to make a joke of alcoholism but on those nice hot sunny days when I'm passing the tramps/bums/jakeys drinking from their brown bag as I'm trapsing back into the warm stuffy office after using up my 1 hour "get out the office free" card I wonder whose got their priorities right!

On todays lunchtime travels I did notice that the fallout from Juice's visit continues.The amusment arcade with pool tables that we played at has been mysteriously closed since the day after Juice left and remains shut! Maybe they are still doing forensics at the site of the slaughtering...

Pay day today so took Mrs A and Step A out to the Auldhouse Arms for dinner."Saw" is coming on Sky movies in an hour and we're going to watch that too.Mark will be up tomorrow night for a go at my new game on the PS2 then its all down hill to the weekend after that.

Apolgies for the rambling and lack of poker content.I did leave Juice a comment on his 6 max post which seems to have vanished so I'll try and repeat here.

He mentioned he was trying to be uber agressive and if that suits your game then fair enough but thinking that all 6 max requires is loads of agression and much lower starting hand requirements if far from the case at low stakes nl.

Its more about selective agression and the happy fact that most of the players are only bothered about their own hands and will give you action on your preflop raise despite it being the first hand played in 3-4 table orbits.

Reads are vital but I don't mean having precise notes for every situation but a feel for how the table and individuals are playing.Spot the weak ones and the ones who can't keep control after losing a pot.Look for the egotists who can't fold.( they have to let the clock run down). Oh and don't bluff a fish whose going to call because he's barely thinking about his own hand let alone the hand your trying to represent.

I saw some of very lowest nl tables ( .10-.20) with average pots of $8.Over the long term simply by being patient and playing better starting hands than your opponents you can't fail to make money.If its 30c per orbit you could do nothing for 20 full table orbits then win an average pot and come out ahead!

Don't involve your ego and make sure your bets are telling the right story.Always be thinking what you'd be thinking if you'd been on the other end of that bet but take into account past form as often its the only guide to their thinking( if indeed they are!) .Judging the standard of the table and other players is vital in knowing where you stand.I wouldn't consider going all in with AJ for example unless I knew the villan liked to push with any Ace or an even weaker hand in which case an all in with AJ is fine in my book even if its not in any poker book out there.

Film starts soon and then if I remember I'm going to try and listen in ( 11.30pm Uk time I think) to blogging superstars Jordan and Tripjax on Web Poker radio talking about Daddi,blogging and stuff.If you read this beforehand then good luck and no pressure.It's only the whole world listening!

Ok I'm going to hit post before I send myself to sleep let alone any readers I have left.Probably back Thursday or Friday....


At Tuesday, 28 February, 2006, Blogger CC said...

What are your thoughts of where your bankroll is? I had posted something about this and got some interesting comments. Most people have theirs spread out like you.

At Tuesday, 28 February, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

perhaps i had it closed by royal decree?

At Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Blogger TripJax said...

did you hear us...just wondering...i'm gonna listen once they have it up on their blog.

it was fun.

At Wednesday, 01 March, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

cc,Reading through your blog just now( I'm at Dec)and will probably do a bankroll thoughts post soon.Thanks for the comment.I'll link you up too.

Juice you are a Prince amongst men!

I missed it.Tried to tune in after midnight but show was over.The film Mrs A and I were watching had just finished and I didn't want to upset Mrs A by vanishing straight back into my cupboard!I'll try and catch the replay though...

At Thursday, 02 March, 2006, Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

Hey Acorn,

Just wanted to make sure you got the word about the Bday Tourney for Waffles. Hope you can make it. This Sunday at 8:30 p.m. EST on Full Tilt.


At Thursday, 02 March, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for info V but its probably a little late for me ( 1.30am).

Hope to catch you at a table soon though!


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