Monday, February 20, 2006

Champions league..We're havin' a ball...

Don't worry this blog aint going political but these two crazy comments from either end of the spectrum made me wonder what kind of world we are living in.No need for further comment from me.They speak for themselves. Thanks to Poker Champ for the first piece of wisdom.

"I am sick and tired about Iraq. There is only ONE solution to that place, and that is to level the whole thing. We've got enough ammo and bombs to just flatten that whole shithole. This way we don't endanger any more American lives, and we can just get rid of a bunch of worthless ragheads at the same time. "

Abu Omar, a 41-year-old civil servant from Rawalpindi, had brought his five sons to the march, one as young as eight. The only way to end the riots, he said, was for the Danish government to hand over the cartoonist to "the Muslim community".
"Let us decide - either to forgive him or punish him with death. If America can decide the punishment for Osama, why can't we decide that?"

I'm actually really enjoying The Champs blog.It really is a LOL experience.His post about being a "chosen one" on Feb 15th is worth the admission price on its own. Forget about Andy Beal v The Corporation or Negreanu v Dreamclown. The Champ V Jordan will be the Daddy of 'em all.Lets get ready to rumble!

My own poker play hasn't been too fruitful over the last 2 nights.Typical that I lay into the Party "beginners" tables as being amongst the juiciest I've ever played yet I'm down $20 over a couple of hours play on Sunday and Monday.Still $20 up ( exc bonus) for 10 hours play in total which I suppose is ok.Maybe I'm being greedy but the play is so bad I feel that despite not catching many cards I should be well ahead of where I am.Still if its the long run that counts I should have stored up some nice positive variance for the future.( if only it worked like that)

The trick is not to run out of patience.When you buy in for $50,pay the blinds a few times,limp with pairs and miss your set and then see your continuation bet reraised when you've missed the flop its easy to get out of line.Win $20 on your first hand and suddenly its "Chill city".

Football tends to be similar.I've watched Rangers struggle at times this season when at 0-0 but as soon as they go a goal up you can see the confidence it brings and every pass is quicker and more accurate and everyone wants the ball.

To the beautiful game in a moment.To finish off my poker round up I moved to Pokerroom and played a $5 turbo sng late on last night.Came 2nd for $10 profit after a titanic battle.We were 3 handed for what seemed like hours before the Heads-up. We were about even in chips and I was hoping I'd learned something from my battle with Phluxer on Friday night but after many garbage hands ( stealing to stay in game) I pushed with a weak Ace and lost to the villans AK.

Watching Arsenal V Real Madrid tonight before heading to Ibrox tomorrow night for the first leg of our game v Villareal in the 2nd phase of the Champions league.Villareal are a decent side with some real quality and are favourites to go through against one of the worst Rangers sides in recent years.To be fair Rangers have kept their best form for this competition and Villareal are probably the weakest of the teams left that we could have drawn.No matter what happens so long the players give 100 % effort and show even half the passion that'll come from the stands I'll be happy.

Probably no poker tonight and certainly none tomorrow night so I'll be back later in the week.

Good luck at the tables and to any celt*c fans reading this I believe "The Bill" starts at 8pm on Ch3 tomorrow night.Enjoy, muppets.

Champions league,We're having a ball........


At Thursday, 09 March, 2006, Blogger Matthew said...

Read my blog for a Champions League round-up.

Good games, very entertaining all round.


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