Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sun update

Finally crawled into bed at 7.50am this morning after a long night at the virtual felt.I started at Laddys .25-.50 6 max nl and finished by playing an hour of $2-$4 nl 6max.

Strange kind of night.I lost money at the .25-.50 tables and won over $100 at the $2-$4.My concentration slipped a couple of times which is my excuse for making a couple of donkeys plays.The worst was calling a raise with 9d10d from late postion.Flop came Jd Qs 9h.Wow what a shiney board!Just the reason required to call a $21 all in which had already been called by another villan.6c on the turn and this time I call the $26 all in move from the 2nd villan.River was another J and the first player shows J9 for two pair while the second had KQ for top pair.

Two other factors contributed to that donkey play.I'd called a $16 bet about 10 minutes earlier when I clicked the wrong button which combined by being cold decked had me desparately trying to keep a lid on my frustration.I was involved in a hand at another table at the same time but really that is no excuse for being a drawing donkey.

476 hands last night and never saw AA or QQ once.At least KK held up twice I suppose.

I hope this doesn't all sound too negative.I was in the hole for about $200 at one point and pulled $196 back in my last 70 hands.The comeback was at $200 and $400 nl which was especially satisfying.I even felt as if I was getting used to the large bets at $400 nl though it felt easier when $124 up than it did when I was down to $350 a short time after I sat down!

I also played in Laddys late night crap shoot and Interpokers $3k gtd for $22 in fees but no joy.

I did take one extended break at abot 2.45am to watch Joe Calzaghe give Jeff Lacy an absolute boxing masterclass to become the Unified World Super-Middleweight Champion.Lacy was the favourite but the Welsh boxer made a mockery of that with his sheer handspeed and movement.Best boxing match I've seen in a long time.

Figures for the week: Interpoker $1415,Ladbrokes $1234,Pokerroom $779 and Party $215 ( inc $100 dep) . Total $3543 ( + $26 for week).

Only 10 more working days to go until its holiday time.Roll on.....


At Sunday, 05 March, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

Hey Acorn,

What Stakes do 200 and 400 refer to?


At Sunday, 05 March, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

.25-.50 = $50 nl

.50-1 = $100 nl

$1-$2 = $200 nl

$2-$4 = $400 nl.

Liked your theatre review btw.

At Sunday, 05 March, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

ah thanks. What does Nl stand for?

only joking..

Thanks although thats the editor more than me. Im not a words smith.

come visit us at laddies.


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