Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pain in Spain

So near yet so far last night.15000 Rangers fans travelled to Spain and filled most of Villareals stadium but a 1-1 draw after a fine performance means it was 3-3 on overall and they go through to the Quarter final on the away goals rule.( 2-2 in 1st leg in Glasgow meant although the scores are level away goals count double when score tied at end of both games).Its especially hard to take that we were never actually beaten by Villareal and still go out but I'm proud of the teams efforts.Hope to hear confirmation any day now that Paul Le Guen will be Rangers 12th manager since we formed in 1873.

I was really down after the game and resisted poker in that mood and watched "Open Water" with Mrs A.She'd had a few beers during the game whilst I was smokin' and her happy pissed chatter during the film just darkened my mood further despite me nodding and smiling at all the right times.

I don't mind a drink but we just weren't on the same wave length so after the film I escaped to my poker cupboard and fired up a Party $25 nl 6 max table.I was $5 up after the first hand when I flop a straight in my second hand only to lose $20 to a rivered flush.I'd been leading into the villan and had position.I should have taken more time to think about it as it was fairly obvious in hindsight that he'd made his flush.

I also need to remember that while there are plenty of fish at the low levels its best to treat all players with some respect until they give me a reason to think otherwise rather than assuming they are all terrible just because I've seen a lot of poor play.Keep playing like that and I'll be getting myself added to a few "buddy" lists!

On the subject of buddies ( or mates as we call them in the UK) the workmate I mentioned being in trouble a while ago over the jury duty absence had his hearing on Monday and will hopefully find out whats happening this week.About time.He's been stewing on this for about 2 months.

More football to watch tonight and some pungent new herb to try out too.May hit the tables later..Enjoy the rest of Hump day!


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