Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Beautiful Game...

I'm off work for the rest of this week and will probably take a blogging break for a wee while too after this post.

Thanks to all 13 who showed up to play in Sundays Britbloggerment game on Stars and congrats to Mair for winning it.I came 3rd after getting the money in from the big blind with 53 on a 5 3 4 rainbow board.Mair must have be worshipping at Dd's church of Dyson as the 2 fell on the turn to make her A4 a gutshot straight!No complaints.All goot fun.

No more poker on Sunday and last night I watched Rangers beat St Mirren 3-0 to take the title race to the last day.We are still four goals behind our rivals on goal difference thanks partly to recent refereeing blunders which have gifted them goals, and thanks also to inexplicably ruled out goals for teams playing them.I don't see us scoring at least 6 against Aberdeen on Thursday night, but even if we don't win the league,it's still been a great adventure this season and we have a Scottish Cup final on Saturday to look forward to.

Nice to see a more balanced article in The Times re Rangers supporters in Manchester.

I had to laugh at ignorant critics who have slated Rangers style of play this season.Last season we won nothing and finished miles behind our rivals.Our manager has rebuilt an entire squad on a tiny budget and if people think we can go out and play Brazil 1970 style football against a team like Zenit who beat the mighty Bayern Munich 4-0 in the semi-final, and who spent more on one player than our entire transfer budget, then they are sadly deluded.

Our rivals made the Uefa cup final five years ago with a far more expensively assembled team which relied heavily on tall strong players,playing a long ball game and making the most of set-pieces.It was a shrewd plan and it almost worked for them.When you can't compete on monetary terms, ( thanks to the small television revenues Scottish clubs get)you have to look for a different edge.Rangers edge this season has been team spirit and hard work.Perhaps in the summer we can buy a flair player or two and play a little more like this...

Even if your not a football fan, fast forward the clip to the three minute mark and enjoy the greatest goal ever scored!

Back to the poker and last night at Stars was horrible.I won a wee $3.40 single table warm up game and then flounced out of six $16 turbos in a row without cashing.Twice I lost to set over set and even when I won a race on the flop,I was being scudded by the turn and river cards.Ac6c against my AJ was particularly amusing as I was so busy looking for the villains 6 kicker hitting on the flop ,it took me a second to realise he didn't need it as he'd flopped a flush.Shoving K4 into Aces late on in my last game at Stars wasn't a pleasant way to finish!

I moved to Party and fired up some $22 and $33 single table turbs.Sharkscope doesn't seem to work properly at Party which is frustrating as I like to track my own results and check out the competition.I donked out of two $22's and two $33's before taking down a $33 ( $150 1st prize)which left me $7 up overall there.

Ok,thanks for reading...

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