Sunday, August 17, 2008

Britbloggerment on Full Tilt tonight!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to play in last nights Britblogger challenge game.Hammerheid and Alcanthang were the winners of the $120+9 tickets and best of luck to both in today's FTOPS event.The fun continues tonight with the Britbloggerment game starting at it's usual time ( 4pm est/9pm UK time) with the usual "donkament" password over on Full Tilt.My game ended last night when I slow played Aces ( called a pf raise from the button) and allowed my opponent to flop the nut straight.Niiiice!

I went on to have another swingy night at the $16's on Stars.I'm not going to review the last ten days or so at the tables.Imagine a poker hell where very few races are won and bad beats just pile up on each other.Multiply that nightmare by a large number and that's how I've run recently.

I was making $4-$5-ish per sng playing 2-3 tables and I thought if I could make at least $2 per game,playing 6-12 tables then potentially I could play 60-100 per day and make a decent profit.I was happy to sacrifice the ego pleasing stuff like having a high roi/a wee shark next to my name on Sharkscope etc for more overall $$.It didn't work out that way!

As I mentioned I do feel that I ran horribly and have never seen anything like it in all my time playing sngs, but I'm honest enough to admit my auto-pilot 8-12 tabling game could probably be a lot better too.The best thing I did since my last post was to take a 3 day break from playing and I'll try and remember that lesson during future downswings.

Of course being a poker degen, although I didn't play, I watched training vids and ( although I don't usually rail games)spent some time watching "Imcastleman" destroy the $16 games.I've played with some excellent ( and some poor!)regulars at the $16's, but Imcastleman is on another planet when it comes to low level turbos and I'd highly recommend searching for him on Stars one night to see how a complete sicko goes about his work!

The good news for me is that last nights swings finally went in my favour and I've managed to claw back my sng losses on Stars for the month by a few $$.I don't recall the last time Sharkscope said I was "Super hot"!! Seems like many many games ago that's for sure!

I do need to quit playing Super turbs on Full Tilt though.My FT roll would be completey down the swanny if it hadn't been for a couple of profitable cash sessions earlier in the month.My FT roll is not big enough to handle the variance these $7.50 and $14.50 ,300 chip super donk fests dish out!

Thanks to a post over at Poker Pains I realised that my $13.5k Bankroll is actually worth a good bit more than it was in £ thanks to the Dollar gaining strength! That consoled me slightly as I watched yet another premium hand go up the spout at Stars recently!

Ok,time to take Nacho out before it rains again.Thanks for reading...

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At Sunday, 17 August, 2008, Blogger one/angry/kid said...

ah, the wonders of exchange rates, i think i deposited at just the wrong time


At Monday, 18 August, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

It certainly cheered me up after a downswing!


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