Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wee live game win

For some reason despite having the short-term memory of a goldfish, I do seem to be quite good at remembering who the bigger named players are, aswell as who the regulars are at the $16 turbos.At the final table of the MTT I cashed in last week I described one player,The Omaholic,as "one tough cookie" and was fairly sure he was a one of the top MTT players online.I finally got round to googling his name last night and discovered he's won nearly $700k and is ranked very highly indeed.Of course whilst I'm posting screenshots just for coming 5th,he briefly mentions he came 3rd in that game whilst also detailing all the other cashes he made that day.Kinda puts things in perspective!

Last night was live poker time baby! After the ex Mrs A had cleaned the flat and we had dinner I dropped her off,picked up Dudley and we headed over to a local ski club for a wee tourney my cousin had arranged.As it was after hours we both had a shot at flying down the dry ski-slope on a big rubber tube thing which pretty cool.I used to love sledging when I was young and it was a similar buzz.

In the end we only had 5 players for the poker and ended up playing a £5 tourney with rebuys for the 1st hour.The HU was me v Dudley and the last hand could have come straight from Pokerstars! We both got it in preflop and it was my AJ v Dudleys A9.I had him slightly covered and was cursing when the 9 hit on the turn before I re-sucked and hit a Jack on the river to win.Good times!

I was exhausted by the time I arrived home and should probably have gone straight to bed.Alas the Stars $16's were calling and after my 77 fell to AQ,my AJ to some muppet who rivered his flush and after going out the last game without cashing too,I did the sensible thing and hit the sack.

Todays plan is to go over and help my Mum and Dad get their new house ready,pick up Nacho and hit the tables later.

Oh and for anyone thinking of going pro and "living the dream", stop by the excellent Melted Felt blog and read Brians short story.Top drawer stuff!

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