Friday, July 18, 2008

Coos Keech!

The poker continues to charm.I considered not posting again until this downswing ends.At this rate however,my next post would include details of my retirement party...

I'm now down to having made little or no profit at all for the month of July so far and last nights late session didn't help.Once again I requested all the hand histories to review.These were just from the last two nights games and along with the really bad beats ,they are typical of how I'm running just now.These were all in situations late in the game and apart from the last AA hand,I was first into the pot with all of them.It did strike me that I was shoving Ace rag type hands quite often, but on looking through the game histories it becomes clear that this is because these Ace rag type hands were often the only playable hands dealt to me and the rising blinds forced the action.

A3 lost to 88 ( late in game,no complaints)
A5 lost to K8 ( rivered 8)
A10 lost to A5 ( rivered 5)
QQ lost to AQ ( rivered Ace)
A5 lost to AA.( shove with 4 left runs into monster)
44 v KQ ( Q on turn.I don't win flips!)
JK lost to A8 ( was never going to hit)
A8 lost to 66 ( hand after one above and one which busted me)
A3 lost to A2 ( 2 on flop.Happy I didn't have to wait to be rivered!)
AJ lost to K8 ( this time its the King on the turn)
AQ lost to A4 ( 4 on river)
A5 lost to AA ( Once again with 4 left I shove and run into AA)
AA lost to J10 ( J 10 4 flop )

Away from the tables it seems google has had a hissy fit over adverts on poker blogs and has downgraded many blogs ( including this one) as a result.I never set out to monetise this space.I was emailed asking if I'd accept ads for small payments and was happy to accept that money as kind of a small added bonus.Until I read up ( via links on Mookies blog) on the subject I naively assumed companies advertised here hoping that people would click on their links and sign people up for whatever product was being promoted.I may be wrong, but it seems it's all about simply having links on sites search engines like to increase the rankings of their own sites.

I quite liked being at number one for google searches on "Coos Keech" and certainly the google downgrading has cost me that position and no doubt lost me other readers too.( no more pervs after "Laddys front bum"!).I did spend quite a bit of time updating my "Funny football" chants post which seemed to attract a lot of hits, but in general even if less people stop by,I'd rather they were here for the poker content.

I think I can see googles point in all this, however it does seem a shame that blogs people put a lot of work into writing content for are lumped in with obvious spam /affiliate type blogs with no poker writing at all.In the end though much as I appreciate my advertisers, I wont lose any sleep if my blog becomes ad free again.

Not much else going on.My new manager showed off his intelligence with the tale of how he had been spreading grass seed on his lawn and afterwards he spotted a large bird on a neighbours roof, looking eager to devour the seed.My boss waited it out,even requesting his dinner be brought outside as he didn't want his grass spoiled by the aforementioned birdy.He remained in stand-off mode with the bird until a couple of hours later when his son pointed out the bird was plastic and was there to stop other birds landing on the neighbours tv aerial....

Someone else in my team told the tale of a not so bright neighbour who used to catch two trains to take him on his annual holiday.He would arrive at Argyle Street station in Glasgow and sprint along ( about 5 minutes away) to Glasgow Central to catch his connecting train.It took him five years before he realised it was the same train....

Thanks for reading and good luck to the Raisetheriver team at their live game this weekend...

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