Friday, July 04, 2008

No winners yet!

Anyone reading this blog on a regular basis may have seen the scurrilous accusations made by dubious characters such as the s-man and Al Eleven that suggest I can be of a slightly frugal nature when it comes to money!I suppose it then follows that I wouldn't offer a competition prize on my blog ( see July 2nd post) unless I was confident I'd not have to pay out!

After sifting through the flood of competition entries ( !!),I can reveal nobody has guessed the villains hand yet.Kronsdats line of thinking was probably closest.The $10 is still up for grabs!I'll keep it open until Sunday and add a clue that the villain was a huge fish and probably on tilt too....

I only played one game ( 3rd in a $7.50 Full Tilt super turbo) on Wednesday night after having a great time looking after Step A.Last night began with two suckouts at Party $22 single table turbs before I won the 3rd.It was back to Full Tilt after that to take 1st and 3rd in a couple more $7.50 super turbos.

I was watching Question Time and only single tabling.I need to be careful as I find myself multi-tasking too often when playing poker these days.Money can still be made when playing on auto-pilot mode as the competition is so awful, but paying attention and having a better idea of how loose/tight the villains are raising and calling can only lead to more profit.

I do wonder if I use distractions such as watching tv to lessen my emotional involvement in the game and as a way of softening the repeated beats that are a constant when playing turbo sngs.One of my better poker attributes has always been ( cue bankroll wrecking session!) my steam control.I've certainly allowed tilt to creep in at times and have played a few games on full spewing monkey tilt mode, but generally it doesn't happen often.

A great philosopher once wrote, "Naughty naughty,very naughty".( The Shamen:Ebeneezer Goode, 1992!).

Err wrong quote! WW Bartley did write :

For every ailment under the sun
There is a remedy, or there is none;
If there be one, try to find it;
If there be none, never mind it.

Play your best game,check your hand histories and if you've made the right decision but the result didn't go your way then never mind it and move on! Similar to accepting with serenity the things ( like the random number generator!) that cannot be changed and having the courage to change the things which can be changed.( like your mindset after bad beats)

If you're a highly competitive person then forget poker skills and use that instinct to see yourself in a mindset battle with every other poker player.Don't be weak and give into the frustration of constant beats and missed flops.If you can cope better than the next guy/gal then that will go a long way to making you a better and more profitable player than them, even if they are more skilled.Let it go!

Time for a quick non-poker related rant now.Balloons.Why? I exited the lift at work today to find dozens of balloons had been tied to tables and chairs.Ooh balloons,how can anyone not have fun at work when there's a couple of dozen brightly coloured balloons on display? I see it's spread to car dealerships and shops who feel these outdoor balloon displays will suck customers in to discover just what a fun,friendly, place of jolly japery that particular establishment is.Bollocks.Balloons are for kids and for bursting to watch the dog chase round the room.Nuff Said.

In other news I see even the donkeys are protecting themselves from the evils of Pokerstars random number generator...

It was actually quite a sad story about a poor donkey who fell down a hole and was rescued hours later.( hence the foil coat to warm him up).It was a great excuse for Rosie and Juices favourite newspaper,The Sun,to legitimately use a photo of said donkey whilst still stuck.Alongside it was the headline, "Ass Hole".

Ok,tonight I'm heading over to the s-mans for a bit of Rocky Balboa and will probably hit the tables when I get back.After today's post I'd better not feckin' tilt...

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