Friday, June 20, 2008

Champagne Supernova

Someone asked me recently after reading my profile if I really smoke weed.The answer is I do,plenty of it and have done for years.On the flip side although I enjoy a beer,I'm almost tee-total and don't recall the last time any alcohol passed my lips.After being off work last week I decided this was the week to cut down on my puffing and I'm pleased to say I've managed it and feel much better for it.The lack of herb is probably one of the reasons I've not played much poker as I'm so used to rolling one up and tuning into the game.Perhaps I'll now become a ranting chatbox maniac! This cutting back lark won't apply to the weekend though so ...roll on!

I only played one game last night and unfortunately bubbled a $22 turbo at Party.I had spent the earlier part of the evening chatting to Rosie and watching the Germans clinically dispose of Portugal in the first quarter final of Euro 2008.

Looks like I'm moving to a new team at work this Monday.I quite like my current seat as most of the people round me are good fun and help make the day go by more quickly.

There is one mood hoover I won't be sad to get away from as the only time she stops looking gloomy is when we hear her "giggle of doom", which she usually manages after spreading bad news."Ooooh they're taking our flexi-time away heeheehee".We do have a laugh in the team joking that the River Clyde ( which our building overlooks) rises by a few inches everytime this rather large mood hoover visits the toilet....

I've got Nacho until Sunday and tomorrow I'm popping across to help my Mum and Dad clear out their new house.I've enjoyed not playing much poker this week although I'm also looking forward to getting back to turbo sng land this weekend and hopefully making some dosh.

I did call my Mum earlier re times for tomorrow and had to call back as she had a big stack and was on the bubble of a $16 turb.She called me back to say she'd won and that the villain she'd beaten told her she was very tough to play against! My Mum took great delight in telling Mr/Mrs 2nd place that she was just an old lady who liked to play!! That got a "lol" apparently...

Ok, don't forget Kats $1 Re-buy donkament on Full Tilt tonight at 2am UK time for anyone up late.Password is Donkarama.

Where were you while we were getting high....

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At Saturday, 21 June, 2008, Blogger PokerGuy said...

I would like to buy a link box on your site please email me prices at thanks, I couldn't find your email


At Saturday, 21 June, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

aha !!

the infamous pokerguy visited you too ... let me know how much you're charging.


your lazee lurker


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