Saturday, June 07, 2008

One time,just one time...

I'm not sure why I'm posting today as I have nothing to say really.Unless you fancy reading a whiney dirge of a post I'd suggest moving on to the fine links on the right.

My Gran is still very unwell in hospital,I've hardly slept all week and Pokerstars has continued to take the piss out of me.The phrase "running badly" ( -$126 from 18 games last night) doesn't begin to cover the shafting that site is dishing out to me just now.I've done quite well there and been profitable, but this current run of being sucked out on almost every single time has driven me close to just cashing the whole lot out and moving permanently to Party Poker.

I only played three games at Party last night at $22 level and took one down.Party turbos seem very soft indeed and although variance is still a bitch there,I'm not getting screwed over every single fuckin' time.If anyone wants to see just how badly, have a look for "zagga" on Stars one night and thank the poker gods you don't run like I am just now.I added the "just now" bit in the hope that surely,surely,surely this cannot go on and the variance will start to even out a little.Come and watch me run like a god and ask me what I'm making all this fuss about!If only...

Maybe I just brush all the variance crap out of my mind more easily when I'm not feeling so tired,low and hacked off with the world in general.Perhaps the real deal multi-tabling sng winners would laugh at this self-pitying poor me post, in the same way I look at people posting about 4-5 games of bad beats in a row and think "You've no idea what real variance is".

Maybe I had no idea and I'm only just finding out.I've read about runs of break even runs/downswings of hundreds of games.Perhaps this is mine.The only positive is that I know I'm getting my money in ahead and I know it's just variance.I'm clinging on the logical part of my thinking which says that continuing to make the right decisions will pay off, even although that seems like some mysterious myth at present.Right now on Stars I tell myself "it cannot go on,it cannot go on like this,oh it has...again".

I am only down about $25 on Stars since the 1st of June and I'm still up a couple of hundred over all sites.I just hate losing and I hate it even more when it feels like I'm playing well yet being continually thwarted.I'll never hate the fish though! I did almost ask Mr K8h ( he flopped a flush v my Aces) wtf he was doing calling my raise preflop, but even when running this poorly I know it's those calls and fishy plays which make me money over time.I would also never give any lucky fish the added pleasure of knowing they'd annoyed me with their luck.( and it's the fact they got lucky which annoys,not the fact they chose to call with a weak hand)Better to sook it up,stay on my game and annoy them by chipping back up and cashing.Profit before ego!

What a load of twaddle this post is! I could have posted about the email I got from a company asking why I didn't have their paid for advert on my blog anymore.I didn't realise I had an agreeement with said company and it looks like someone has sold ad space on my blog and pocketed the profits without my knowledge. I'm not the most organised person in the world but it looks like somebodys fuckin' at it.Donald Woulard is the scammer.I do have his website address too but won't be giving him a free link here.Please feel free to add his email addy to as many spam lists as possible!

Ok,on the good news front I'm off work next week and will be able to catch up a bit on last weeks lost sleep and that should help lift the dark mood I've been in recently.

Euro 2008 starts shortly and I'm looking forward to a fine feast of football over the next few weeks.It's just a shame Scotland didn't quite make it.If the Dutch were not in such a tough opening group I'd probably tip them.They are though, so I'm going with Spain or Germany to win it.

Ok,off to pick my boy up.Don't forget to register for tonights EuroBlogger game on Stars....

Here's another fine football chant which made me smile..."What a waste of council tax,We paid for your hats"..

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At Sunday, 08 June, 2008, Blogger Mr Cea said...

Link swap let me know pal

At Sunday, 08 June, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Mr Cea.Added your blog to my links.Good luck at the felt..


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