Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Grind

Just a short post as I need to get last night at the tables out of my system.I played 52 turbos between 9.40pm and 8.15am this morning and lost $92.The bad news was that I've never run so badly at the tables in my life.I've gone 0/20 without cashing before, but last night my luck was so terrible I half expected a candid camera team to jump out of my kitchen and inform me it was all just a big joke. I always try and convince myself there's no such thing as running badly and that the outcome of the last hand should not affect the outcome of the next.I should have given up and gone to bed long before I did.Online poker isn't going anywhere and the long run will always be there to make up for nights when the variance biatch slaps me around.

It was my own stubborn nature and belief that I was playing well and only needed a bit more luck to strings some wins/cashes together and get back into profit for the night.I did actually finish with three in the money finishes in a row and did win three other games too over the course of the night.I think it shows how bad the variance was that despite winning three and cashing a few other times,I still ended up down nearly $100.It's less than six buy-ins at $16 and I suppose I should try and look at it as 52 games at $4 profit per game as that's my average rather than seeing it a losing night.

The good news is that I was 4/6 tabling without too many problems and apart from one or two loose calls ( calling an all in with QK and losing to a solid regulars AJ was one)I kept my head relatively calm considering the bad beat bombardment I was suffering.

Five hours sleep and then I was up for the cup final.Rangers beat Queen of the South 3-2 to lift the famous old trophy for the 32nd time with goals from Boyd ( 2) and Beasley winning it for the Gers after QOTS did well to bring the score back to 2-2 just after halftime.

Ok,I'm so tired that's it for now...


At Sunday, 25 May, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was watching Sky Sport news and saw QOTS had equalised and I really wanted the underdogs to take it,sorry mate!

You've got to love poker haven't you, especially when you do everything right but never get the results! I think that's why blogs are great, they help get it out of your system and reading other people'smisfortunes keeps your spirits up as you know it'snot just you running like a landmine victim!

Keep plugging away mate!

At Sunday, 25 May, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Np Pud,I'd have felt the same if I wasn't involved.Looking forward to seeing QOTS in Europe next season!

Blogs are a good place to let it out, although I often look back the next day and cringe a bit at the "poor me" tone of some posts!
Cheers for the comment!

At Tuesday, 27 May, 2008, Blogger Viks said...

hey nice blog mate,fancy a link swap??


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