Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bloggerment and Monthly Stats

My newly decorated flat....

Thanks to Sir Al,Dudley and Mr Cloud for comments left on the last post re the Britbloggerment.I was also intrigued by Sir Al mentioning a possible Euro-centric BBT.Anything along the lines of the US/Canadian BBT would be fantastic.Mr Clouds comment on possibly changing the game a little also interested me.All and any ideas welcome!

Personally I quite fancied increasing the buy-in as maybe people feel the slow standard mtt format takes too much time for $5.Perhaps though, it's best to leave the buy-in as $5 and try another tourney midweek ( Tues/Wed?) with a $10 or $20 buy-in? I've never set up a game on Full Tilt but moving the $5.50 Britbloggerment there and making it a turbo ( cos turbos rule!)is another possibility.

I noticed when I went to write this post that this blog is now three years and nearly 850 posts old.Thanks to all who read,comment and advertise on this wee space.It's very much appreciated as this blogging lark is sometimes a real struggle to keep things anywhere near fresh and interesting.

Last night for example I played 33 turbos,ran like shit and lost $90.Not much to expand upon there! I did make Silver VIP on Stars and will probably play the $20k freeroll later.

Ok,I will expand upon my $90 loss! I feel I played well most of the time ( donked out of the first game of the night)and had just a few breaks gone my way then it would have been a profitable outing.I could only reply "np nh" to one guy who said "sorry dude" after one of last nights rivered two outers!

I was four-tabling again and there's no doubt that decisions become a bit tougher,as I'm able to pick up more reads just playing two tables.I will give myself more time to adapt and get used to four tables as it's only really 4-6 tabling which brings in decent $$ at sng's.I think I've done quite well playing two, but if I have to sacrifice a percentage of my roi to increase my overall hourly profit then I think it will be worth it in the end.

I do genuinely feel I'm not running well just now and I'm hoping to ( one day soon!)have a 30 game session where I win a good few hundred to balance up all the crap over the last week or so.My Sharkscope stats say I've played 320 turbos this month at Stars and made $669 running at 17% roi which is okay, but I hope to run a little better and make more next month.I realise too that most poker players think they always run badly and have worse luck than the next player and if I do consistently keep losing when four-tabling then I'll cut it back to two and take stock.Either that or I'll keep filling my blog with bad beat tales!

Much more exciting stuff going on elsewhere in blog land.Amatay reckons he can make $10k from $33 sngs in the month of June and people are lining up to bet against him.Betting is temporarily closed but I'm hoping my $50 bet will be accepted if he reopens it.I've played against him in the Bloggerment and have no doubts he's a skilled player, but I think $10k in a month is going to be very tough to achieve.

0k,monthly stats time.I will be playing later after picking Nacho up and dropping Step A at her Dads and will come back and edit them to reflect todays play.I've also intend to cashout ( don't tell Stars,I'm running badly enough there as it is!!) enough to cover my car insurance,credit card balance,car service + MOT+ 4 new tyres and also the £580 Uefa cup final ticket I bought.

Pokerstars $6304 ( + $686) ,Party $1845 ( +$133),Ladbrokes $1049 ( +$356),Full Tilt $792 ( + $8) ,Bet 365 $587 ( + $17),Pokerroom $36 ( =). Total $10613 ( + $1200 for month)

Although it's felt like a tough month at Stars, the Party $33's and occasional $55's have gone well over a tiny sample size and my cash wins at Laddies have helped boost my profits too.It's the first time my bankroll has ever been over $10k and I've now made $6789 after 7 months ( since Oct 31st '07) of my 4th year of online poker.

Well my bankroll was over $10k and now it's not! Here are the new stats after my cashouts.

Pokerstars $6304,Party $1097 ( had to deposit $50 by debit card as original deposit there made on an old unused credit card. - $800),Ladbrokes $249 ( -$800 to switch card),Full Tilt $92 ( -$700 by cheque),Bet 365 $587,Pokerroom $36.Total $8332.

Righty,off to pick my boy up...

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At Sunday, 01 June, 2008, Anonymous gtycoon said...

Those are some decent stats!

I say as long as I'm making money on poker it's all good ;-)

Keep up the good poker play!

At Sunday, 01 June, 2008, Blogger Hairy Gymnast said...

The Bloggerment is set up for 8pm tonight??

At Sunday, 01 June, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks gtycoon.All profit is good!


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