Sunday, June 01, 2008

Message for Rosie and Tan!

Thanks for registering already for the Britbloggerment game tonight.Mr Cloud has spotted that it's been set up for 3pm est ( 8pm UK time) by mistake! I've now set it up for the right time ( 4pm est ,9pm UK time) but can't cancel the other one as you guys are registered.Apologies for the cock up!

My poker yesterday began with the Stars Silver FPP $20k freeroll at 7pm.The last time I reached Silver status I didn't even realise these games were on.I finished 304th from 5000 donkeys for $16.I've never been an MTT player and I'm not sure I ever will be ,however I feel like I've beaten the cash games up to $50/$100nl,got the measure of sng turbos and mtt's are an area of poker I'd like to tackle properly one day.

To the turbs and I made $74 from 19 games at $16 level although once again I seemed to come unstuck a little when I added a fourth table to the three I was playing.( I was $148 up after 11 games) I still managed some horrendous bubble finishes.I remember reading about how people think the big stack always wins any all ins.In my experience it's the total opposite! It seems to me the shortstacks always hit their miracle card to stay alive on the bubble.

I won $90 overall and after recent poor sessions I probably shouldn't grumble too much! I'm not going to edit yesterdays stats and include last nights winnings.I never seem to start a new month well and a + $90 night will hopefully help Junes figures.

To jump back to the Bloggerment ,Mr Cloud sent me an email with a few cracking ideas to spruce it up a bit.He mentioned a more structured league format which to be honest I'm actually not in favour of because I like the fact people feel they can dip in and out of the Bloggerment without missing out.The loosely structured league table Mr Cloud ran before ( and Stephen previously) seemed to work well.That's only my view though and I'd be interested to hear what others think.

A name change to something like "Bloggers Euro Tour" ( BET!) or Eurobloggerment and a possible move to 10pm UK time on a Saturday night are also under consideration.I quite like the idea of trying a $10 or even $20 game next Sat night alongside the Bloggerment as usual on Sunday to see if there's any interest.( please play because me v Mr Cloud HU would be one helluva long cagey battle!)

Please do leave any feedback and ideas on the above!

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At Monday, 02 June, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you have my vote for the "Bloggers Euro Tour" ( BET) 10pm UK time on a Saturday night works very well for me. I would be up for a $10 but not $20. Keep us posted on the happenings!

At Monday, 02 June, 2008, Blogger The Degenerate said...

I've been reading a load of poker blogs for a while now, including yours, and finally started writing my own. No good though unless I've got some readers. So if you get bored have a look at it
And I'd be well up for getting into some blogger tourneys!

Cheers mate

At Tuesday, 03 June, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for the feedback.More on Saturdays game to follow this week.

Good luck with the blog too Degen.Added your link to my sidebar too mate.Cheers,Acorn


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