Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tues Update

My Gran took seriously ill early on Monday morning and although things were touch and go,she has stabilised a little today. She is in her eighties,has dementia and has been miserable in the nursing home she's been in.I just wish she didn't look so skinny and frail lying in her hospital bed.She did become lucid for a few minutes last night and thankfully rather than complaining of any pain, she asked for a cup of tea.She also woke up for a wee while tonight and although she did smile, she also told me she'd given up which is sad.

My Gran was a really strong,kind,sharp minded lady and seeing her slide into being a shadow of the woman she was has not been easy for our family.The Doc said that although she may be able to go back to the Nursing home in a few days ,she is still very weak and we shouldn't get our hopes up too much.( or words to that effect)

This is a poker blog and as it's the nature of blogging to jump from life/death matters to the trivial,I'll crack right on with my latest poker progress.Thanks to the 10 runners who played Sunday nights Bloggerment and congrats to Tan who took it down.I played brilliant skillful poker to outlast Rosie** and finish in 5th place after I shoved ( as usual my first bet with rubbish runs into a hand!) K10 into Mr Clouds AQ soooted.

** Sitting out for the whole game is no excuse!

After the Bloggerment I played a couple of $22 single table turbs on Party and took them both down.Winning a quick $40 at a Laddies cash table before bed made it a decent nights work from not many games.Poker is so damn unpredictable at times.11 hour sessions can easily end $92 down ( like last weeks one) and a quick few games before bed on another night can be very profitable.

Last night although I was feeling quite down and very tired after a long day,I enjoyed the yahoo chat and found losing myself in the poker to be a welcome distraction.

I do read the occasional non-poker blog and I was annoyed to read that one of my favourites, Mousie ,has apparently been outed and may have to quit blogging for the sake of her job as an NHS nurse.Personally I'd much rather the NHS ( National Health Service for non-UK readers) spent their time on actually improving the service instead of getting heavy handed with someone who obviously cares a great deal about her profession and patients.

Ok,more on plans for Saturday nights Blogger Euro Tour game soon.I'm too dang tired to write more today....


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