Sunday, June 08, 2008

Game Set and Match...

Big thanks to Stephenrhall,Hammerheid and Copa1982 for joining Mr Cloud and me for the Euroblogger game.It was certainly the fastest Blogger game ever as Mr Cloud won in about twelve minutes after my AK soooted was no match for his KK.Don't forget to register for tonights BritBloggerment on Stars...

Before the Euro game I played in the $20, Pocket Fives Open Mtt and crashed out around 300th from 1100 when I open shoved a couple of sooted cards when folded to me and lost to someone hero calling with A10.

I fired up a few $16's and found I'm still in the same rut I was in previously.I had Aces four times last night over 24 games and had them busted each time for example.I did manage a slight comeback towards the end of the session and only finished $6 down overall.I took a break for a while around 1am after I found myself playing one particular game on full blown chip spewing monkey tilt mode.I don't tilt very often and I suppose at least I was self-aware enough to realise what I was doing and take a step back.

After my 24 games at Stars I fired up a couple of $22's at Party and failed to cash in either.I've mentioned before that Sharkscope doesn't work for Party Poker.If anyone does know of a site for tracking sng results at Party please let me know.

I've been reading a few poker forums as usual this week and I've noticed that the practice of staking seems to be becoming more popular and I have to say I've no idea what the appeal is!I know I'm a nit when it comes to dealing with bankroll management,however surely if you're a winning player you wouldn't need anyone to stake you for low stakes games.If you're not winning then why would anyone want to stake you at all?

The only way I can see staking being useful is for a winning player wanting to take a shot at a higher level.The other part of these threads which makes me shake my head is the feedback part.Even if you backed that winning player and he won 10/10 sngs at a higher level than usual, I don't think that proves anything at all about his/her game.I realise many people treat it as a bit of fun and a way of helping build the community spirit on forums and I'm not knocking that at all.It just doesn't make much sense to me!

This afternoon I'm watching the Federer v Nadal French Open Final ( Nadal is romping it so far) and later there's more Euro 2008 football.

On the subject of football it seems Rangers are on the verge of resigning Kenny Miller from Derby County and I've never been more angry about a signing in my life.He played for Rangers,moved to Wolves and then did the unthinkable for a former Rangers player,he joined Celtc.I was at celtc park when the wee turncoat scored against us and happily thumped the celtc badge on his shirt and there's no way I want to see him in a blue jersey ever again.If he was actually any good as a player that may have softened the blow, but the fact is he would struggle to hit a cows arse with a banjo let alone score many goals."You can stick your Kenny Miller up your arse" Mr Smith.Don't do it!!

Ok,that's all for today.Time to chill out...

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