Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blame the Kat!

Renee suggested in a comment that perhaps I needed a break from poker and I've taken that on board....and only played three sng's over the last two nights.I wouldn't have played any if it hadn't been for Katitude posting about the new 300 chip,turbo sngs on Full Tilt!

I was previously hooked on Pokerrooms 50 chip multi table bingo poker games for a while and Ladbrokes single chip,all in or fold games also ate a small portion of my roll.The 300 chip games do allow fora little more skill and I love the fact that they are so fast and the bubble arrives in next to no time.I bubbled the first one and won the two other $3.20 games I played.Great fun!

I've also watched a couple more sngicons videos this week.I was on the verge of cancelling my subscription as new video releases were becoming rare and the ones available were not up to the same production standard as say Cardrunners.Their only saving grace was that between long pauses,tv shows being heard in the background etc,the icons players delivered some real gems of information and those gems alone have been well worth the monthly sub costs.

The latest Z32Fanatic vid focused on replying hands from the later stages of sng's and I thought it was superb.I did realise just how much of a poker nerd I must be after getting very excited at the prospect of his next vid which will focus solely on playing AQ and will show how he played it in about sixty different situations.

Ok,I have part of a post written about gaining reads online and will hopefully GIP ( get it posted!)sometime soon.Dinner time now though....

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