Saturday, June 28, 2008

Whammy Burgers

Not much to say today but if I'm going to post long whiney posts when I get scudded at the tables, I thought it would be nice to balance that up by posting when I've actually had a good night!

Oh I still took some silly beats, but overall I didn't run anywhere near as badly as I have for most of June.I went back to basics at Stars and played two tables at once which allowed me to focus more closely on the action and go with a few reads I picked up.I cashed in four out of the six games I played,winning two and coming 2nd in another.

I've achieved one of my June goals which was to break my Stars roll through the $7k barrier.( for now!)I'm also a step closer to hitting $8k profit on Sharkscope although I'm well aware there could be few swings yet before I do it.

I was still $200 down at Party for the month but managed to pull back a little after playing two $22's and winning one of them ( $100 for 1st).I should probably whisper this but I actually felt I got quite lucky to win the one I took down.I never got my money in as a huge underdog, but hands like QK beating A10 all in certainly helped.

My last stop before bed was a nostalgic visit to my old haunt,the Ladbrokes $50nl 6 max cash tables.Until about August/September last year I would have laughed at anyone suggesting I'd ever leave those juicy cash tables for the high variance world of turbo sng's.Sng's were for donks and cash games were where the real poker got played and proper money was made.That's probably true to some extent but having found my calling at the turbo's,I'm not sure I'll ever truly grind the cash games again.Anyway I was lucky enough double my $50 buy-in after gettting it in with KK v QQ on a 10 high board.Amazingly no Queen fell on the turn or river!

Ok,here's a couple of clips I love from the excellent "Falling Down"...

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