Monday, June 30, 2008

Monthly stats

After taking Nacho a long walk yesterday I was back in time for the start of the Spain v Germany game and for the s-mans visit.The game was decent enough without ever dazzling and I felt that Spain were worthy 1-0 winners.It was an excellent tournament overall and I'm going to miss the wall to wall coverage of the last few weeks.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the only part of the Glastonbury festival I saw on tv was Jay-Z's headline performance on Saturday night.It was controversial because hip-hop and rappers don't generally play festivals and Noel Gallagher ( of Oasis)had said Jay-Z was simply wrong for the gig.Jay-Z took the piss by starting with Wonderwall which was quite amusing and overall I think he silenced the doubters with a pretty stunning show.I just wish Amy Winehouse would sort herself out and keep making great music.

The s-man ( aka sookraboaby) was happy for me to fire up the Bloggerment and after Saturdays low turnout for the Euroblogger,it was good to get 13 registered for last nights game.Congrats to Mair for doing the Blogger double and taking it down.I managed to scrape into second place mainly due to Drizz and Kat having to be elsewhere after a long-ish bubble battle.

After the game and much later on after the s-man had departed I hit the $16's and soon found myself on the end of yet another biatch slapping by the poker gods.I should have gone to bed after seven cashless games in a row but my stubborn streak wouldn't let me and I managed to win the last game I played to leave me about even.

Ok,Here are this months updated stats.I will edit these totals later after tonights play.That's if Andy Murrays brilliant comeback at Wimbledon doesn't go on too much longer!

Pokerstars $6782 ( + $478),Party $994 ( - $103),Bet 365 $534 ( -$53),Ladbrokes $336 ( +$87) ,Full Tilt $109 ( + $17).Total $8755 ( + $423 for month June). Edit: 0/5 at the $16's.Good riddance June!

Finally my sister sent me a few of these and I thought they may appeal to my reader....

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At Tuesday, 01 July, 2008, Blogger Donkey Face said...

I couldn't agree more about the phone picture. Why do people care about them so much?

I'm always going to get myself the free phones on principal!

At Wednesday, 02 July, 2008, Blogger Nick said...

Only managed to catch Neil Diamond/The Verve at Glastonbury, who were both fantastic - Neil rocks!
Not a hip-hop/fan at all, but I'm glad Jay-Z got the gig. He may not be "guitar rock", but he is a superstar for a reason - and he should have got the gig.
I suppose it put some of the "great middle class" who frequent Glastonbury these days out of their comfort zone.


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