Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rock and a hard place

I had just finished my post here yesterday when the police knocked on my door.I was handed a fixed penalty for a "breach of the peace" because my ex's lying neighbour said I threatened them the other day by saying "someone will be round to your door in 2 minutes" which is just a blatant lie.In Scottish law the only evidence required is for the woman next door to the ex to lie and for her husband to back it up.I now have the choice of trying to get a day off work to,hiring a lawyer and fighting it ( I have my own witness who will back my version of events)or accepting a £40 fine and no criminal record for something I didn't do.As much hassle as I'm sure it will be,I think I'm almost certain I'm going to court with it because if I let this lie stand this time there's nothing to stop them making something up again.I may also be making my own counter allegations.

On the poker front I warmed up last night by doing something a little different and playing a $4k gtd mtt on Bodog.I only had money on to play in the US Bodonkey game but they have recently upgraded the software and it's now far slicker and easier to use.I had an average $15k stack with 28 left ( top 18 pay) when I was foolish enough to get it in preflop with QQ V 99.The flop came Q 8 2 and just as I was mentally planning how I would wield my 32k stack,a Jack came on the turn and a Ten on the river to give the villain a straight.Hmmmm nice!

Things didn't get much better at Stars.I played 25 games including bubbling a $36 turbo and lost $227 overall which takes me back below the $7k mark at Stars.I also bubbled the final table of an $11,180 player turbo.Grrrrreat!

Despite it being a crap night at the tables I'm not too annoyed by it.Apart from a few loose plays I felt I played quite well and that's all anyone can do to try and maximise profit at this game.

I did manage to carefully pick my way through the Euroblogger field ( of five!) to come 3rd for a stoating $10 payout.Congrats to Mair who took it down.

I do now have just over 13k in frequent player points at Stars and my intention has always been to reach 13.5k and use 'em for a free entry into the Sunday Million.I'm 375 short of retaining Silver status this month ( which you need to purchase ticket for fpp's) and I'm seriously tempted to use 5k in fpp's to enter the $1m gtd turbo takedown tonight at 7.30pm instead.The only sticking point is that the Germany v Spain Euro final starts at 7.45pm and I want to focus on that too.Hmmmm.

Ok,it's been a crap week all round! Next week can only get better...

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At Sunday, 29 June, 2008, Blogger Donkey Face said...

I hope things work out for you Mr Acorn. Your story is terrifying.

Maybe our resident Pro Bono lawyer could give you some advice?

At Sunday, 29 June, 2008, Blogger Renee said...

Oy - to bad about your terrible neighbours. I'd fight it too, jsut based on principle. Good luck!

At Monday, 30 June, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks DF and renee.I think I probably will fight it but I'm going to think it over for a few days.


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