Friday, July 11, 2008

Zagga $16 Turbo Vid..

After a weekend which put a spring in my step ,I've been plodding along nicely this week, despite the poor weather.I do find it funny that everytime we have a hot,dry summer it's all down to man-made global warming and yet when it's cooler and constantly raining it doesn't get mentioned.Maybe we'll even see some of the acid rain people were getting their knickers in a twist over back in the 80's.Ahh we're all doomed!

On Monday night I made another poker video( 18 man ,$16 turb on Stars),this time using the Cardrunners hand history replayer.Not being very techy, unfortunately I think I used the wrong resolution setting and the 35 ( 224 MB) min video file is too big to host on screencast or for emailing to anyone.In fact it was a pretty hopeless effort and all I can do is post it here and hope it's watchable enough for people to sit through.I had to compress it and reduce it to get it to work on blogger and as a result it may be too small and blurry to watch.Oh and I've no idea why sometimes it seems to stick on "buffer" and other times it plays ok...All feedback appreciated!

I'll get my excuses in now as it's the first time I've properly used Cardrunners excellent replayer and the video does skip around a bit until around half way through when I suddenly realised it was the bubble! Maybe next time I'll go through the game first and actually do some preparation, but it'll have to do for now and hopefully some of it will be useful for people new to turbo sng's.

On Tuesday evening I had dinner with my sister and brother in law.Dang tasty it was too! More time spent trying to upload the poker video when I arrived home meant I played very little.( a few more $7.50 super turbs without cashing)

Last night I didn't play much poker either.I fired up three $16 ,18 player turbos and when my Kings were busted by J8 in the first one,I didn't have a good feeling.Thankfully I managed to take one of the other two games down before moving to Party and winning the $33 single table turb I played.

After posting my senior managers quote the other week about things "taking off like a lighthouse", I thought I'd post this weeks gem.Talking about being frustrated by another department,Dave said "I'm not going to use the word fuming...but I was fuming".Hmmm

I deal with complaints made to the chairman and chief exec of a large company and this weeks favourite was the guy who received his standard account password as "assword1" instead of the usual "password1" and feels highly insulted by our company "swearing" at him.A simple entry error and his world falls apart.Pathetic!

Ok,no poker tonight as I'll be over at the ex's looking after Step A.Unless I've got Nacho tomorrow night I'll be heading out for a wild night of dvd watching and tea drinking with the s-man.Stirred ,not shaken....

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