Monday, July 14, 2008

Proper Grinding

I had a fine weekend.My cousin,Two Pies,came round on Friday night after I'd seen a man about a particularly fine dog! My cousin told me he didn't like drinking tea, but enjoyed his ginseng tea and I sent him away with a few white,green,ginseng,milk thistle and nettle teas to try.This was after he'd watched as my Aces,Kings and queens were all busted at the turbos.

On Saturday I headed over to see my sister ( her birthday) and then to my Mum and Dads to cut the grass and help clear the back garden of their new house.I took Nacho a long walk and after dinner I sat down and played more turbos in one session than I've ever done previously.I used the cascade option and was nine tabling at one point.I finished down $15 over 61 games and didn't run well, but I didn't timeout anywhere and more importantly than that,I actually really enjoyed just making one quick decision after another.

Part of my multi-tabling problem has always been a wee voice in my head telling me to gamble too much and take more chances than I should.I called an all in on the bubble with AJ ( from the big blind) when the small blind shoved.We both had decent sized stacks and I called because I felt the small blind didn't have a big hand and if I'd won I'd have a huge chiplead.He had 22 and when my AJ didn't hit I thought about it more,I realised it was a dumb call.

It's easy to think "ahh well I've got 8 more games on the go,I don't mind gambling a bit more" but that's not the right way to play at all.Of course my edge is smaller playing so many games at a time and at times I will be making moves based on experience,patterns and instinct rather than solid reads, however that's not an excuse to loosen up too much and play like a donk.

I also played the Euroblogger and fought my way through the field to come 3rd.( from 3 starters!) Congrats to Hammerheid who won and to WeeGem who took down last nights Bloggerment.( I was 3rd from 8 starters).

The s-man came over last night and we had a good laugh watching Family Guy and sampling the herbal spriggage!

I six tabled the turbs for a while later and finished up slightly for the night and for the weekend which was nice...

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At Tuesday, 15 July, 2008, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Do you know that "grinding" is a euphemism for lap dancers rubbing themselves against male genetalia?

At Tuesday, 15 July, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Really DF? I'd never have used it as a blog post title if I realised it had lap dancing connotations....


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