Saturday, July 19, 2008

Royal Flush

Stepped down to the $6.50 turbs and ran a lot better,winning $88 over 13 games.After this fine hand I came back and won that game and hoped my bad run may be over.I was wrong.The $16's were calling and once again I felt like I couldn't win a race or get a hand to hold up.Thankfully I won the last game I played and made $31 profit over my total of 25 games.( mostly 5-6 tabling)

PokerStars Game #18921555030: Tournament #96484148, $6.00+$0.50 Hold'em No Limit - Level IX (300/600) - 2008/07/18 - 20:06:59 (ET)
Table '96484148 1' 9-max Seat #3 is the button
Seat 3: zagga (1610 in chips)
Seat 7: LOSTFAN815 (3220 in chips)
Seat 8: Sydsneys-dad (22170 in chips)
zagga: posts the ante 50
LOSTFAN815: posts the ante 50
Sydsneys-dad: posts the ante 50
LOSTFAN815: posts small blind 300
Sydsneys-dad: posts big blind 600
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to zagga [Qh 6d]
zagga: raises 960 to 1560 and is all-in
LOSTFAN815: calls 1260
Sydsneys-dad: calls 960
*** FLOP *** [Tc Kh Th]
LOSTFAN815: checks
Sydsneys-dad: checks
*** TURN *** [Tc Kh Th] [Ah]
LOSTFAN815: checks
Sydsneys-dad: bets 600
LOSTFAN815: raises 1010 to 1610 and is all-in
Sydsneys-dad: calls 1010
*** RIVER *** [Tc Kh Th Ah] [Jh]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
LOSTFAN815: shows [9h Ac] (a flush, Ace high)
Sydsneys-dad: shows [Js Qs] (a straight, Ten to Ace)
LOSTFAN815 collected 3220 from side pot
zagga: shows [Qh 6d] (a Royal Flush)
zagga collected 4830 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 8050 Main pot 4830. Side pot 3220. | Rake 0
Board [Tc Kh Th Ah Jh]
Seat 3: zagga (button) showed [Qh 6d] and won (4830) with a Royal Flush
Seat 7: LOSTFAN815 (small blind) showed [9h Ac] and won (3220) with a flush, Ace high
Seat 8: Sydsneys-dad (big blind) showed [Js Qs] and lost with a straight, Ten to Ace

Today I'm walking Nacho,watching a Rangers pre-season friendly and hitting the tables.Something I have learned recently is that I much prefer to cascade the tables when playing over four.I seem to be able to handle six without losing the place and now all I need to do is run a little better and make some decent profit again!

Ok,don't forget to register for tonights Euroblogger and tomorrows Britbloggerment.The numbers have been low recently and it would be nice to see some new people playing! I'm dead money on Stars just come and get it!

Edit: Normal service resumed..

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