Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More MTT recap..

Step A was on good form last night.I did feel like a right old git when telling her if she didn't speak properly the only words she may end up using when she leaves school and starts working may well be "Would you like to go large with that meal Sir?".

She told me a few days ago that she had been looking for lucky four leave clovers with her friends with no success.Sorted! Her own kit to grow one along with a Venus fly trap ( had one as a boy and loved it) and a dog IQ test ( to help prove Nacho is smarter than the average dog) are on their way.

I only had time for three $7.50 Super Turbs when I arrived home and came 2nd in one of them.

Ok,back to the $50, $50k gtd MTT I cashed in the other week.When I last posted I had a $20k chip stack,the game had been runnng about 2 1/2 hours.

Three hours in and I raise with QQ and take the pot uncontested to leave me on 23.k ( 2nd largest stack at my table).Raising 99 and having to fold postflop to a reraise on an Ace high board and being reraised preflop after betting 3bb with 33 cost me a few chips and reduced my stack to 13k.

I doubled that stack after shoving 66 and holding against AJ to put me on $30k. After 3 hours 20 mins I reraised with AK and took it down when original bettor folded to lift me to $35k.

3 hrs 30 mins: Blinds and Antes total about $3k and I steal uncontested with K8 to chip up.

3 hrs 37: Uncontested steal with A7

3hrs 41:Raised AQ and took pot uncontested.On $30k after paying blinds and antes.

3 hrs 44: Shoved KK over a raise hoping for action...original bettor folded.$37 stack

3 hrs 48: Uncontested steal with Q5soooted.$37k.

3 hrs 50: Raise AK preflop and take it uncontested.$41k stack.

3 hrs 56: Uncontested steal with K9.( blinds and antes total 4.4k now) 37k stack

4 hrs:Raise 55 and folded to reraise.32k stack.

4 hrs 4 : Raised to 3bb with k7 and get flat called. C-bet on an A 3 5 flop representing the Ace and had to fold to a shove. Down to 15k.

4 hrs 6: All in preflop for 14k with 33 and won uncontested.

4 hrs 10: Call an all in from a fishy bigstack.My AK holds against his A5 off.Now up to 38k.Blinds and antes total 7k.

4 hrs 15: I flat call a 9k raise with AA.Flop comes T 5 3 and we both check.Turn is an Ace and it we both check again.The river is another 10 and I lead for 15k and the villain instantly shoves, putting me all in.I insta-call, he shows 33 and I scoop the 77k pot.The villain said "beauty" and I replied "ty ul".Hehe.77k stack.

4hrs 18: I fold AK to a raise from a solid winner who also has a big stack.Perhaps nitty but I just didn't fancy going to war here.

4hrs 26: Raise AQ and take it uncontested preflop.83k

4hrs 29: Steal with A3 keeps me on 83k.Blinds and antes total about 9k now.

4hrs 33: Raise A3 again and this time fold to a shove preflop.63k.

4hrs 39: Folded 99 to a preflop shove.Very close to calling.54k

4hrs 39: On the next hand I raise A9 and fold to another big stacks shove.42k.

4hrs 46: Shoved all in for 29k with JJ.Called by A10 who has me covered.Flop 8 K 5. Turn is an Ace and I barely have time to curse before a beautiful Jack comes on the river.Up to 70k stack now.

4hrs 49: Fold 88 to a raise and reraise before me.Would have been ahead of QK and AK preflop but QK makes a straight to win.Antes and blinds total 10.5k. My stack now 60k.

4hrs 51: My 93c gets a walk in bb.64k.

4hrs 58: Shove all in with 88 ( 53k bet) and huge stack in bb calls with A9.88 holds and I'm up to 113k.

5hrs : I raise 3bb with Aces and insta-call another big stacks shove.My Aces hold v JJ and my stack is now 225k.

Ok,that will do for now! Back soon..

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At Friday, 01 August, 2008, Anonymous Pud's Poker said...

Where did you find that stuff you bought and how thr fook do you test a dog's IQ?

ps I want a venus fly trap! I killed a mates by giving it some mince meat!

At Friday, 01 August, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Apparently the dog iq test is a booklet containing the tests and a stop watch!



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