Monday, July 28, 2008

RTR Challenge win

I played the 5000 fpp Turbo Takedown as planned and although I cashed for $90, I was knocked out after I made a redonkulous move.I was sitting on a 9k stack with about 3000 players left,the blinds were about 1k/2k and I raised to 3bb to steal from mid position with Q3.I'd been totally card dead for ages and planned to fold if reraised.Of course the biggest fish ( -37% roi over 1200 games) at the table flat called with A7,I missed the flop,shoved all in regardless and the fish hero called with C3PTK.( Crap 3rd pair,top kicker!)

Idiot play by me ( never bluff a fishy calling station) and when I remembered much later that the format meant that the blind levels slowed again after level 18,I was cursing my impatient stupidity even more!

I turned my focus to the Britbloggerment and RaiseTheRiver challenge games. ( Mods and Admin V rest)Thankfully we managed to get a full table for the Bloggerment this week.Not much to report from it for me.Card dead and out 6th after shoving over the top of one of Amatays ( frequent!) preflop raises with A10 ( I had less than 1k left) and lost to his QJ when the Queen flopped.Congrats to Amatay on winning it, although I'm sure Mr Cloud would dispute the rumours that he deliberately finished second just to secure the bridesmaid dress for himself.

The RTR game was far more fun for me and I'm pleased to say I beat 23 fellow RTR donks to take it down for the forum members.I did have a laugh at Burnley "Comical Ali" Mik using an obviously rigged scoring system ( hehe) to declare the admin/mods team as winners ( on the RTR game thread) despite a forum member winning and taking three bounties in the process! How does that "Dads Army" theme tune go again?!!

Anyways I got off to a good start when I shoved from the big blind with QQ after the sb had raised AK.He called and ( rare words for this blog) my hand held!

I didn't get my money in behind once ( that I recall) during the game which means I must have been runnning well.( all winners of tourneys are either cardracks or suckout kings!)

I did double up when my Aces held v Cadmunkeys KK and that gave me a decent stack going to the final table.Next I got a bit lucky v Yorkie Pud.He had just lost a pot after making a call with a mid pair on a ragged King high board and when he made his standard 2.5bb preflop raise, I looked down to 99 and decided to flat call.I hit a set,Pud hit top pair and when he shoved after my check-raise, I couldn't call quickly enough.Pud did have outs for a gutshot, but thankfully my set made a boat by the river and suddenly I had quite a large chip lead.

As the numbers dwindled I reverted to sng turbo endgame mode and stepped up the aggression further ,trying to gradually grind down the remaining stacks and seal the win.Lou Saban played a great game as usual and was unlucky to bubble.A bit later my 99 held v Mairs A10 and it was quite a short Heads up battle with Hull Jimi, which ended when my 1010 held v his 44.$60 for the win and another $25 in bounties.Ship it!

I fired up four $16's before bedtime and cashed in two for a $44 profit before dropping about $40 playing a few more $14.50 super turbos on Full Tilt.

Tonight I'm looking after Step A,Wednesday night is Rangers first competitive home game ( Champs league qualifier) and I'm also hoping to get across to see the s-man too at some point.

Thanks for reading.Back soon..

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