Sunday, July 27, 2008

More grinding + Another Royal

I had a slightly frustrating night at the tables.I 8 tabled the $6.50 turbs,made $64 over 35 games and then hit my usual wall of bollocksness at the $16's.$3 profit overall from an 8 hour session at Stars! I did play five quick $14.50 super turbs on Full Tilt and made $76 which was a decent way to finish the night off.(although it was 6am in the morning when I finally went to bed!)

I did hit another Royal Flush on Stars and only require 50 more fpp's to hit Silver status again.According to Sharky I've played 289 sngs on Stars this month and have made....$7!

I've now got 14.7k fpp's at Stars and although I fancied hitting Silver status and using 13.5k to enter the Sun Million I think I may use 5000 fpps to play the $1m 5000fpp Turbo Takedown at 7.30pm tonight.

I wish I could remember which blog originally linked this site.My submission would be that despite not being at all superstitious,I have to say "Hello Mr Magpie" out loud whenever I see one of the damn birds on their own or else it's bad luck! OCD here I come...!

Ok, my brain is too fuzzy to write anymore!

Back soon...

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