Sunday, September 28, 2008

Breaking Even....

I didn't intend to post anything today however I had a reasonable night at the felt last night and after whinging my way through most of the month I thought it would be nice to post some good news! I'm finally back to breaking even for the month on Stars after winning $160 over six $16's last night.Those six games even include one single table $16 turbo which I took down.

Here's my sng graph for the month.It looks very like last months and although variance has bitten hard recently I wonder if there's also some boredom and complacency with the $16's that means I don't really focus and play my best game at all times.

I actually started last night by playing about ten $22 single table turbos on Party and ran horribly in them.I was only two tabling but at one point I was crashing out of one when my AQ was beaten by KQ and having A9 beaten by A3 on the other table.That happened a few times and I could only shake my head and curse my luck.

I decided to finish on Party with a $33 and a $55 turb.I think I played quite well in both,managing to come third in the $33 ( AJ beaten by KQ)and winning the $55 after making a comeback from near busto after having my Aces cracked.

After all that sng fun I opened Ladbrokes and looked for a wild cash table.I found one ( $100nl) with a $44 average pot.Preflop raises of $6.50 were routinely being called by 3-4 players.My cash game is probably a bit rusty but I enjoyed my 1/2 hour of play before hitting the sack.

Today I'm watching Rangers,walking Nacho and playing me some poker! As well as the Britbloggerment and RTR league game I may also play the $1m turbo takedown on Stars for 5000 fpp's.

I've mentioned before I don't generally believe in staking other players.I've made an exception to buy a 2% stake in Amatay as he takes on a few of the bigger buy-in Mtt's.With his fine sng/cash record I'm surprised he's not just buying in himself for the full amount but I suppose these buy-ins do add up and Mtt variance is real biatch.

I've not played another $55 mtt since cashing back in the only one I've ever played back in July.My biggest cash by far this month was the $1500 Britblogger Mtt.Perhaps I need to think about giving them a real go.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back during the week at some point....

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At Monday, 29 September, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL at that Sharkscope graph! Kind of feels like what I have been going through at the tables but without the upwards recovery!

Keep plugging away mate, you know you have the game.

At Tuesday, 30 September, 2008, Blogger Amatay said...

graph is reeedic. no luck on ur stake tonight m8 soz. although i did TID a $33 game for $1.6k+ and got a 2nd in an $11r :-)

Listen fish you have got game. STOP fucking with the 16 doll games and play 33 n 55's only. How many times ffssss. I'll stake you myself if u want???


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