Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deep Fried Puffins...

Burnout? Lost the bug? Lazy? I'm not sure however once again I was happy to read forums,watch a couple of training vids and not play a lot of poker.
I suppose compared to the average hobby player I continue to play a ton and to be as obsessed as ever by the game.Perhaps being over-rolled means I know I don't really have to push hard to make $500-$1000 this month because I have plenty in reserve.Maybe that's no bad thing.I take my poker very seriously most of the time and it's nice to be able to relax a bit and enjoy surfing the net and watching a bit of tele.

I plan to cashout around $2.5k shortly ( £1415) to cover my Amsterdam flights/hotel/spending,ten cartons of cigs ( half the price they are in the UK),pay off the remainder of this years Council tax and also give myself a few hundered extra to treat myself.If my tele can't be repaired then another $1k should buy a decent 42" set and I also plan to raid my poker accounts for $400 to pay for a years road tax at the end of November.

I mentioned the other week that I'd won a few buy-ins messing around at $10nl on Bodog.After reading about peoples cashout problems there I have no intention of making it my regular site.I had $41 on there and after recalling Blinders posts about how soft the beginners sngs are ,I decided I'd try one and if I blew most of my tiny roll I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.The format of these 10 seater sngs pays out the top five with 5th place getting the buy-in returned.( less the rake) Blinders said they were soft and he wasn't joking.I played a $32+$3 ( slow speed which was the only downside for me) and after half an hour of folding I'd made the money!

The standard was dreadful and it was obvious that the other players had no idea of the value of their chips in relation to the rest of the table.Of course I went out 5th after shoving AJ and being snap called by the bigstack and his K10.

I only hit the tables after watching Scotland get our World Cup qualifying campaign back on track with a 2-1 away win over Iceland."You only sing when you're whaling" and "We're gonna deep fry your puffins" were my favourite chants from the Scotland fans.

I'm over at my Mum and Dads for dinner tonight and tomorrow night I'm taking my Dark Knight dvd over to the s-mans.I'm looking forward to leaving work tomorrow as I'm off for 2 weeks! No plans other than catching up on my sleep,going to the Dam and playing some poker.

Ok,back soon...

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