Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Britblogger Challenge Continues....

Congrats to Angusrut for taking down the Brit Blogger game on Sunday evening.The next game will be tonight at 8.30pm on Full Tilt.I bubbled again. This time there were two biggish stacks and I was one of the two smaller stacks.I shoved 99 from the sb and was called by the other shortstack in the BB holding K10 o/s.( King on flop) Grrrreat!

I scraped 5th in the RTR league game after I shoved KJ sooted over Hammerheids preflop raise with AJ.I didn't improve and that was that.

Next up,I fired up a couple of Party $22's and of course my first bad beat was getting my Aces whupped by the powerhouse hand of the night...K10! I then had Kings beaten by A7 ( no Ace but a 7 on the turn and another on the river),Queens beaten by A4 and only cashed in one out of the four games I played.

I read an article today which said that people spend on average £280 per year on their hobbies and I've always been grateful to have a hobby which actually pays me.It also said people use their hobbies to alleviate stress! Obviously not an article written by a poker player!

I looked after Step A last night and I'm doing the same on Wednesday after work.I enjoyed watching her play Guitar Hero with her friends, although I felt nearer Dudleys age than 36 when one of her friends asked me if Alice Cooper was a girl after I requested a bit of "Schools Out"!

On Thursday evening I'm picking up Nacho and having a steak dinner at my Mum and Dads.Only three more weeks including this week before I'm off work for a fortnight and I'm almost counting the hours already.Although my cousin is skint and none of my friends are free,I may still head to Amsterdam for a couple of nights.I may aswell put some of my recent winnings to good use! ( I've also run out of duty free cigs)

I wrote all of the above earlier before my Dad called to say my Gran had taken a turn for the worse.I've just been to the nursing home to see her and the Docs reckon she is too weak to even travel a few miles to hospital.She doesn't seem to be in any pain and I don't honestly think prolonging her life at this stage ( severe dementia) would be doing her any favours.Very sad as it was only 2 1/2 yrs ago she was in good spirits when attending my sisters wedding.

Ok,thanks for reading...


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