Monday, August 18, 2008

Mon Update

Thanks to everyone who showed up for last nights Bloggerment on Full Tilt.The fun continues tomorrow night and with only two games gone and the London trip still up for grabs,there's plenty to play for!

I bubbled last nights Bloggerment game.My exit hand is a total blank which probably means I made a donk move! Well done to BurnelyBB10 on taking it down.I was playing the RTR league game at the same time and came 3rd ,at least making the points, after my 99 was out flipped by Burnley Miks AQ.The biggest hand for me in that game was when I called Scouses AQ shove with 33 and my hand held.Bad call?I remember last weeks game where Scouse insta-called my shove with his AJ and my thoughts were that if he rated that as a premium insta-call hand then his open shoving range may be quite wide.I was also the shortstack and happy to take a flip to try and chip up.Well done to Yorkie Pud for taking it down.

After those games I moved to Party and hit up a few $22's.( single table)
I read someone on Pocketfives ( American) saying he'd "chop off my own finger to play on Party again" and he has a point! I was always the biggest advocate for table selection when it came to cash games and I do sometimes wonder why I continue to play at Stars when the Party games are far softer.

I two tabled at Party and after losing a few races and suffering a few crashouts,I got into my groove with a 3rd and a win to finish off before bed for a decent profit.

I'm just happy to be winning again.I was beginning to feel like a real fishy loser logging on and spewing Dollars everytime I fired up turbos.Hoyazo wrote that at least he still posts when running badly.I do too, but it was becoming more of a boring whinefest than usual on this blog and I think the break was well timed.I was also beginning to doubt myself and my playing style.I suppose in some respects people enjoy reading about bad beats and downswings! The first blog I ever read was SirWaffles and his bankroll busting tilt spew posts were certainly more compelling than "played a couple and won two games" type blogs.

Anyways it was quite relaxing only playing two tables last night.I tried and failed to get hot key auto-scripts to work on Stars the other day and can't seem to get a HUD to work on my Vista driven laptop either.Very frustrating and I don't think I'd attempt playing more than six tables again without at least having a working HUD to show me opponents stats.Perhaps Pokertracker 3 is the way to go.Hmmm.

Ok,the ex has just called and asked me to look after Step A tonight at short notice.Back soon...


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