Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Britbloggerment Continues...

The Brit Blogger challenge continues tonight on Full Tilt at 8.30pm UK time ( 3.30pm est).Find it under the Private tab in the Full Tilt lobby.It's only $5.50,the password is "donkament" and although everyone is welcome to play,the top two leaderboard prizes can only go to UK/Rep of Ireland players.There's plenty to play for even if you haven't played any of the three games so far.

The remaining games will take place on Tues/Sundays with a final Saturday game on the 13th Sept.Top two on the Leaderboard win the Grand Prizes.Full Tilt will pay cash for transportation and hotel in London for 17th/18th September for the taping of the Million Dollar Cash Game at The Hellenic Centre.Winners will be there to witness one of the biggest cash games in the world up close and will also get a chance to meet and greet the pros.

No poker at all last night after being called away to babysit for Step A at the last minute.( babysitting on Wednesday night too) We took Nacho over to my Mum and Dads place and had a fine evening there apart from one minor mishap.My Dad mentioned he had bought some type of flame throwing type weed killer and when I asked to see it and followed him to the garage,Nacho followed too and lifted his leg on my Mums heat trolley.That's my boy!

As I didn't play any poker last night, I thought I'd continue recapping the $50 Mtt I cashed in last month.( see Mtt recap post for more)I had just reached the five hour mark and was now the bigstack ( 225k) at my table after Aces held against JJ.Blinds now 3000/6000 with 600 ante.

5hrs 7mins: Opened raised just under 2.5bb with KK.A 166k stack reraised and folded when I came over the top.Up to 258k.

5hrs 15: Raised 2.5bb from utg+1 with KQ and took the pot uncontested.( 257k)

5hrs 21: Open raised Q8o/s from sb and bb folded.( 244k)

5hrs 24: Crucial moment as Mr Edge says hello to me in the tourney chatbox and adds his random "nice river mate" comment for good measure! Standard.

5hrs 38: Raised 3BB utg with AQ and take pot uncontested.Blinds now 4000/8000 with 800 antes.( 224k)

5hrs 40: I have 216k and open raise to 3bb from the small blind on a steal with 9h3h.( there is 19.2k in pot with all the blinds and antes) The bigstack big blind flat calls and we see a 10h 2c 4h flop.I lead with a 40k bet into the 59k pot with my flush draw,hoping to take it down.The villain flat calls again and the Kh comes on the turn completing my fairly well disguised flush.I didn't want to allow an Ah10 type hand to make a bigger flush on the river and I remember hoping the villain had a big enough piece of the board to call as I shoved for my remaining 151k.The villain called,was drawing dead with KsJc and the Qs on the river didn't matter as I scooped the 437k pot.

5hrs 42: I fold 77 to a raise and reraise before me and KK takes the pot.

5hrs 45:I raise just under 3bb utg ( first to act) with 22 and fold to a large reraise.

5hrs 51: Table is 7 handed for now with blinds at 5000/10000 and 1000 ante.I raise 3bb utg and take it uncontested.( 411k)

5hrs 51: walk in bb and a 3bb raise with AJ takes next pot uncontested.( 438k)

5hrs 59: 7 handed I raise 3bb utg+1 and get a caller from the bb who has me covered.The villain donk bets 40k into the 72k pot on a 2s Jc 9h flop and folds when I reraise to 110k.( 472k)

6hrs 4: Blinds now 6000/12000 ante 1200.I raise 3bb from button with 10h5h and take pot uncontested.( 453k)

6hrs 8:Steal from mid position with Q10. ( 452K)

6hrs 9: Steal with 9c6s from button works.( 453k)

6hrs 10: Raise 3bb with k9s and fold to reraise.( 416k)

6hrs 13: Raise 3bb with my favourite hand,J9 sooted and take pot uncontested.( 416k)

6hrs 15:Still 7 handed I raise KJ and take it uncontested.( 439k)

6hrs 18: Another button steal with Q6.( 452K)

6hrs 26: Final table! 354k stack. To be continued...

In the door late tonight thanks to the worst rain I've ever seen flooding most of the roads on the way home.I had to wade through ankle deep water to get from my car to the front of my block of flats!

Ok,time to go and register for tonights game...


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