Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Brit Blogger Game Tonight

Sorry the Brit Blogger game wasn't set up for last night.It will be on tonight on Full Tilt at 8.30pm BST.

Playing and writing the same old stuff about a game of cards seems a little pointless just now, but I am grateful people choose to spend their valuable time to stop by and read my nonsense so here's an update...

On Sunday evening the S-man came round and we watched the superb "Glen Garry Glen Ross".It's always been quite a poignant film for me.When I worked in quite a high pressure sales job a few years ago, management brought a life support machine to one conference to emphasise how serious our situation was.We entered the hall to the sound of beep,beep,beeeeeeeep.The girl who sat next to me in the office found it very hard to cope with the stress of the job ( and no doubt had other life issues).One Friday night she lent me a copy of the film,I watched it,loved it and when I went in on the Monday to thank her ,I was told she had committed suicide that weekend.

The film itself is fantastic and I'd highly recommend it.I played in the Brit Blogger and RTR league games whilst enjoying the movie and chatting to the s-man.I managed to go out on the bubble in both games.In the Britblogger I shoved over the bigstacks raise with JJ,was called by QJ and of course the Queen came on the flop and that was that.

A minute later at the RTR game the sb limped,I checked the big blind with Q7 ( I was one of two shorties)and bet out over half my stack when a Queen hit on the turn.Perhaps it was my own fault for overthinking and I should have a) shoved preflop b) shoved the turn for 400 more.The sb had 63 and after catching a three on the flop,the six fell on the river to give him two pair and knock me out.I did manage a "lol" in the chatbox which was at my own bad luck/bad play rather than any dig at the way my opponent played his hand.

On Monday night I fired up four $6.50 turbs and scraped one 4th place money finish.I've written that I'm comfortable four tabling and although that's true to some extent,I still prefer three and need to work a little on my four tabling.After two cashless $16's I finished the night by cashing in two wee $7.50 super turbs on Full Tilt.

Last night I bubbled a $22 when my AQ fell to A8 and then moved to Stars where I played six $16's and couldn't seem to win a hand.Frustrating but that's the way it goes.I blame Peter for last nights losing session!

Ok,thanks for reading...


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