Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wax on,Wax off..

I always seem to start the month poorly these days.I don't know if it's because I become a little bored and complacent,my game slips and I can then get my teeth into turning the situation around.I'm only $100 down over 61 games at Stars which is down to being on the wrong side of a few coin flips and some bad play by me.On Friday night I even let myself slide into the tilt zone for a couple of games.Calling off my stack ( I had 860 left from 1500 starting chips) with Q5 soooted at least rang an alarm bell with me and I took a wee break to get my head together before resuming.

I've been mainly 2-3 tabling to try and get more reads and focus more.The strange thing is that I've not been running well when doing that and yet when I start 6-8 tabling ( cascade style) in the wee small hours,I've managed to cash a lot more.Again I wonder if there's some odd psychology at work whereby I'm not playing my "A" game until I'm left with no choice due to the hole I've dug myself.Perhaps being overrolled for the games I'm playing in has something to do with it too.More focus required,hopefully starting with tonights Brit Blogger and RTR league games...which I'll be playing aswell as watching the rest of Andy Murrays US Open Semi-final against Nadal.Come on Andy!

I watched Scotland go down 1-0 to Macedonia yesterday.I'd been telling everyone at work on Friday that the Macedonia were a great bet at 9/5 but I couldn't bring myself to back against my country.Baaaaa!

I'm certainly glad I didn't fork out £14.99 to watch Britains next great boxing hope,Amir Khan,get knocked out in under a minute!I loved watching guys like Nigel Benn,Naseem Hamed,Ricky Hatton and co over the years and I was hoping Khan could follow in their footsteps.Although he can still bounce back from his defeat, having a glass chin is not the best trait a boxer can have!

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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