Sunday, September 14, 2008

London Bound!

I took 2nd place in the final Britblogger Full Tilt challenge game last night.This kept me in the top two overall and means that I'll be off to London on a Travel/Accomodation expenses paid trip next week to watch the Full Tilt pro's $1m cash game!Bully also won the same deal and all things being well,I'm looking forward to meeting up with him.

Huge thanks again to Sir Alcanthang for all his hard work to make the whole series possible and congrats to Dr Pauly on completely running me over HU to win last nights game.It's funny how life works.I only booked up my Dam trip ( Tues 23rd to Thus 25th) at the last minute because I wasn't sure about making the trip by myself.Dr Paulys solo trip reports clinched the deal for me and now I'm hoping to meet up with Dr P when he arrives on the 24th.Roll on!

The Britbloggerment game is back on Stars for now, although that's not set in stone as I fancy running it as a turbo ( wheee!) in a few weeks time and only Full Tilt seem to have that flexibility for private games.I'm looking forward to running the RTR league game alongside the Bloggy tonight.Not another bubble finish though please!

After the Britblogger challenge fun last night,I fired up a couple of $22's on Party and took 2nd in one.I would have won it if the villain hadn't sucked out donkey style on nearly every hand when we were HU.

Next up I hit up Stars and ( whisper it!) decided to have a go at a couple of PL Omaha games ( 6 max $3.75 sngs) for a change.I googled for the rules and this time they made sense! I didn't realise previously that you had to use 2 hole cards ( from 4) and three from the board.The penny dropped when I read that if the board was all spades after the river card,you only have flush if you have two spades.The board doesn't play.

I played like a newbie fish and donked out the first one and bubbled the second.I did enjoy the change however and it was good to get an insight into why fish are fish! The main reason is simply having no idea about hand values and how strong or weak my holdings were.I imagine the fish that call off their stacks with rag Aces in my turbo holdem sngs are doing so because they haven't the experience or knowledge to gauge just how strong their cards and have no clue how to work out the same about an opponent.

For example I lost to quads ( 666 flop) holding QQ on one hand.In Holdem it's hard to give a villain credit for holding a 6 if raised preflop, but I now realise in Omaha it's highly likely with 5 villains calling and all holding 4 hole cards!I think I need some lessons from King Dudley of the Omaha before playing many more of these strange games though!Maybe I'll change my "2 cards good,4 cards bad" theory one day!

I ended my night with a few sets of four $16 games and ran horribly,only managing to pull my losses back to just $43 after a couple of cashes in the last two games I played.

I consoled myself by checking my overall profit for this poker year ( since Oct 31st '07) and discovering I've made more already than I did over the last 3 years in total.I think I'm probably about breaking even for August so far and sng variance has kicked my backside over the last few months.Very frustrating.

I'm going to try and be less results focused on this blog.I feel as if I'm cheating somehow if I don't mentioned every single result from every game.If anyone really cares it's all there on Sharkscope or in my monthly stats.I think I worry that if I don't stay focused on the short term,I'll let the nasty nature of sng variance get the better of me and I'll end up boarding the runaway train destined for Tiltsville.

Ok,enough witterings for today.I expect I'll be posting a bit less frequently over the next couple of weeks as I'm on a break from work and now have two midweek jaunts to look forward to.....

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At Sunday, 14 September, 2008, Blogger Nick said...

Sprinkle a little luck dust on White Hart Lane as you go past!

At Tuesday, 16 September, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I'll try and drop a decent goalkeeper off too Mr C...


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