Thursday, September 25, 2008

Man Flu and Stars letter

What started as a sniffle on Monday escalated into full blown man-flu by Tuesday morning and for a moment I even considered cancelling my Dam trip.I did learn how to silence an over chatty taxi driver up.Simply forgettting my passport on the way to the airport and having him double back for it seemed to do the job.Taxi tilt.Nice!

Not a great deal to report from the Dam.I spent a couple of hours on Tuesday night at the Rokerij 2 coffeeshop before heading back to the hotel and on Wednesday again I only managed a short coffee shop session before heading back to bed.I smoked my bollocks off,sneezed,spluttered and used the hotels wireless connection to play poker on my old laptop.End of trip report!

The poker actually went quite well.I finished with two $16 ( 18 player) wins in a row on Tuesday night.I've mentioned using weed to tune into the game.I was well beyond that ( bouncing off walls on my way to the bathroom)and if my opponents could have seen the state of me they'd be wondering how I managed to move my finger over the mouse pad let alone play poker!

Wednesday nights session went ok too and this time finished off with a win and a 2nd place.Once again the later it got and the more wasted I became,the better I seemed to play.Obviously this is a sign I should quit work,move to the Dam and spend my time smoking only the strongest weed and playing poker....

Last night I went 0/6 without cashing at my $16's and only taking 2nd at a Full Tilt $22 and winning a $7.50 super turbo helped stem the losses.Over the last couple of weeks I've been thinking that the $16's seem to have many more solid regulars during the week and perhaps aren't as juicy.Watching villains snap call shoves with hands like 76 ,K4 etc has restored a little of my faith.

Ok,that's about all I have for now.I have copied/pasted a Pokerstars letter ( verified by Scott at Stars on the Pocket Fives thread)I thought was damn funny.The first comment is from the original poster on the thread.Enjoy....

wtf you can't vent anymore?
I thought stars was #1, now not so sure, just ignore them if they bother you!

I really have to ask you to stop sending these emails.

What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with these complaints? We have
told you repeatedly that the games are completely fair and random, and
that answer will never change. We have sent you plenty of stats to back
that up. Do you *really* believe our games are unfair? Really? If you
do, then you should cash out *immediately* and play somewhere else. There
is no excuse for playing even one hand in a game you think is unfair. I

Or are you just venting? Then please stop. It's insulting to everyone
who works here that you can accuse us of fraudulent dealing, over and over
and over again.

This didn't start in the last few months, either. You've been
complaining, pretty much non-stop, since late 2006. You complained here,
earlier today, that you haven't won in months, and then when you make a
final table, you complain that you lost.

Do I need to remind you that you haven't made a deposit on PokerStars
since 12/25/2006? That you've cashed out multiple times since then?

How about your recent history? You cashed out your entire balance on
3/10/2006, leaving yourself with no money, just FPPs. Since then, you've
turned those FPPs into a balance of $108.60. How can you say, with a
straight face, that you haven't won lately? Your balance has moved
steadily up and up and up.

I know it's frustrating when you take a beat. But that's just how poker
tournaments work -- you play and play until you either make a mistake or
take a beat. Did you really say, in that later email, "I finally made a
final table?" Since you resumed playing cash Sit & Go's March 15 (afer
winning T$55 in FPP events), you've played 313 multi-table Sit & Go's, and
you've made the final table in 93 of them. You won 7, and cashed in 70.
You're ahead $57.30 in those events.

You play well, and you make money, because your hands *do* hold up most of
the time when you're ahead. You *do* win your share of coin flips.
Everything is as it should be; the only problem here is that you *think*
it's not, and that you think it's OK to harass our staff about it, despite
all of the evidence. That's an ROI of about 15%.

If you're unhappy on PokerStars, nobody is forcing you to play here. But
if you actually like playing on PokerStars, as I expect that you do,
please spare us these emails. You already know you're not being cheated;
constantly complaining is simply irrational, and it's insulting to the
people who work here. They have done nothing to you, and do not deserve
to read these sorts of things. They are *people*, with feelings, and it's
not right to insult their integrity like this, over and over again. I
really don't want to have to say this, but if you continue to question the
integrity of our games, I may be forced to close your account. I hope
that doesn't happen.


PokerStars Poker Room Management Team


At Saturday, 27 September, 2008, Blogger Gavin said...

hi nice blog, linked you up. Any chance of the same mate

At Saturday, 27 September, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for the comment and link Gavin.I've added your blog to my sidebar.Good luck with it and at the felt...

At Tuesday, 30 September, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great read again.Love the reply from stars!


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