Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Monthly Running Total

Back to work yesterday and the early starts have left me feeling almost jet-lagged.I think I need a holiday....

I really enjoyed my time off.When I've been off previously I've always tried to cram in loads of poker to try and make money.Looking back I think I tried to play too many tables too quickly.Build slowly would be my advice to anyone new to multi-tabling.

I ran horribly and probably didn't adjust well either.On reflection there's no way I'd ever want to leave my job and play poker full-time.( it was a vague thought at the back of my head) I'd certainly consider going part-time ( job share) at work and using the poker to make up the money difference but I'm unlikely to follow that through and take the plunge any time soon.Poker profits are great for topping up my salary and for paying for everything from holidays to car repair bills but I don't fancy relying on them to pay my mortgage.

Anyway on Sunday night the S-man came over to chew the fat.I played the Britblogger and RTR games too although I wasn't paying much attention and didn't last that long in either game.It was great to see 17 players turn out for the Bloggerment.Congrats to Matty who took it down.

Monday was a local bank holiday and after taking Nacho out for a game of football I hit the tables fairly early on.It was funny reading Cell1919's comment about Party Poker on Rosie's blog.(Party is not his favourite site!) Personally I like their new software update and the single table $22's are far softer than most $16's on Stars.In general Party players seem to have no idea how the push/fold sng endgame works and what adjustments they should be making as the game progresses.

Good players tend to be very tight early on and very loose/aggressive late in the game and bad players seem to splash about in lots of pots early on, but fold too often ( or make daft calls) and don't push enough around the bubble.One guy yesterday called a big stacks shove on the bubble with A10 when another player had about 100 chips left and would have been all in on the next hand.I don't chat at the tables ( non blogger games) but a quick "lol" was very tempting!

I still feel I ran badly ( a watching expert poker blogger agreed!) but thankfully I managed to win about $140 overall by the end of the night.

Last night I broke even after messing around with a few wee sngs.I will play higher when I'm feeling a bit more alert and not half asleep! ( thanks for comments Amatay n Pud!) It's not so much that I'm worried I'll be outclassed at $33/$55.It's more a case of adjusting to losing say $600 over ten games and still being able to maintain focus and avoid tilt.Variance means that it's not even up for debate that I will go at least 0/10 games without cashing on at least a semi-regular basis.( that's just how turbos are) .

It takes at least 1-2k games to get even remotely close to an accurate roi but I'm willing to try the $33's and move back down if variance/my play means I lose 20 buy-ins.I think I'd feel more confident about moving up if I was running a little better.Hopefully my current crappy luck will change a bit and I can get a few more hands to hold up.

Here are my monthly running totals.That's the new name I'm using instead of stats.I think I need to relax a bit over my profits.I hate posting a monthly stat and then dropping below that level in my next session and feeling pressure to "catch up".Poker will always be an up/down type of game.The luck factor makes that the case.I do expect to keep winning overall though and so long as my running total is generally upwards then I'll be happy.

My October goal is to run better at the tables and to not lose 20 buy-ins at $33! It's the last month of my poker year ( Oct 31st is end of my fourth year of online real money play) and I'll probably keep battering away at the Party poker turbos.I'm tempted to aim for $500-$800 profit but I think instead I'll settle for aiming to play a decent volume and to maybe play a few Mtt's too.

Pokerstars $9671 ( - $23), Party $1803 ( + $514) ,Ladbrokes $403 ( + $67),Bet 365 $467 ( - $9),Full Tilt $605 ( + $1530)
Pokerroom $36. Total $12985 ( + $2077 for month )

Cashouts: Pokerstars $2097 ,Full Tilt $1082.

Ok,that's all I have for now.I have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow after work which I've been putting off for ages.My usual rule with Doctors and Dentists is that if it don't hurt there's no need to go, but you only get one set of teeth and even at 36 my Mums nagging is good for something! No pain....Onetime!

No poker tonight as my wee cousin was over for the evening.We watched the football and he pointed me in the direction of these two youtube gems.Enjoy!

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At Thursday, 02 October, 2008, Blogger Nick said...

"My loony bum is fine Benny Lava!!"

Great vid...and the footy one is a classic as well.

At Friday, 03 October, 2008, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Probably a good thing to keep your job. I've been bricking it all year as I'm living off earnings as a full time evil city speculator. There's no better feeling than reading about MP's lambasting your profession in the media everyday.;P And new rules might eventually make my trading unfeasable (though the short selling rule doesn't directly affect me). Imagine you had to pay tax on Poker? Or if a puritan government decided to ban it?

On the dentist front, I need to book too. The thing is, the NHS dentist I visited last year said there was nothing to be done about my grinding and looked miserable. While the expensive private one managed to do something to alter my bite. Fortunately I had health insurance so it wasn't too bad.

At Saturday, 04 October, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Mr C.Still makes me laugh!

I had no plans to quit work DF.I'd just like to have been able to make enough to give me the option.

I don't think there's much can be done about teeth grinding.I've been doing that for years too...!

At Saturday, 04 October, 2008, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Well the dentist gave me a couple of fillings on my canines to make them longer. And those got in the way of my old bite so now I bite in a slightly different way

At Sunday, 05 October, 2008, Blogger Amatay said...

yeh fair enough m8. i guess i have same prob


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