Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who Killed Bambi?

"Acornman's still running like crap at the tables"....

"Laugh and the world laughs with you.Cry and you cry alone", is something I've always believed and is why I haven't bored you with any posts this week.It's been the usual sit down at the tables,get my money in good and wait to be screwed over
scenario again and again.I've stepped up and played some more $33's and $55's and despite a couple of 2nd places at $55,things haven't changed on the luck front.See my previous bad beat post and multiply for an idea of how it's been going.Only bonuses have been helping keep me afloat at Party ( still down about $200 ) this month,I'm about $200 up on Stars and up a few $ at Full Tilt after a couple of wins late last night.

Thanks to Short-Stack Shamus's post from April 14th I realised I was actually playing in a kind of passive tilt mode.AK facing a raise? Hmm well I'm in the blinds and out of position so I'll just call and see a flop.Bad poker.Running like this has hit my confidence at the felt and it really annoys me that it has had that effect.I've always said to myself that even if I'll never be the most skillful ,I can make up for it by being stronger mentally than other players.Got to walk the walk on that one.

Negative thoughts that some players have to be in the bottom 5% when it comes to running badly and maybe that's just my permanent destiny invade my mind and probably don't help my play.I'm not going to fall into the trap of pushing the self destruct button and passively tilting my way to a bust bankroll just to prove to myself that it's true that I am just unluckier than most.

The games are streaky and I know that.Break even for 200 sngs and then win say 4/5 and suddenly it's a $400-$500 winning month.That's just the nature of it.In terms of volume, poker does reward hard work overall.Over the short-term though, it's hard to get my head round playing 30-40 games over 8 hours and losing one night and playing 2 games the next night and being profitable after cashing in both.Seems so unfair but then who said life/poker is fair?!

I think I need a holiday too.I've taken a couple of days away from the poker recently but if my bad run goes on,it may be time for a longer break.( 3 days?!)
It is affecting my general mood at times and that's not a good place to be for a hobby player.I suppose it's human nature that the feelings of happiness when winning are less than the feelings of sadness and despair when losing,especially when I've become used to winning almost every month.

I'm not the only one to run badly.Driving back from the s-mans last night after a fine evening, there was a rabbit in my headlights for about 1/2 mile on a country road.When I slowed down,he did too and it was ages before he finally left the road I was on and I could get on my way at a decent speed.It got me thinking that if I'd left a minute earlier or later perhaps I wouldn't have seen him and he'd be one dead wabbit.Ten minutes later I'm heading off a motorway slip road at about 70mph,glance down at the road and see a poor fox caught in my headlights right in front of me.I recall being taught not to try and avoid animals when driving at high speeds, but I think it's only natural to try and swerve or take evading action.( dangerous too which is why it's best not to swerve)Sadly for Mr Fox and the plastic bit at the front of my car I had no time to react and Mr Fox met an instant ul Mr F.

Off to watch the FA cup football,walk Nacho and hit the tables...

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At Monday, 20 April, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GG fox! Were you driving through a zoo or something? Foxes, rabbits, any other potential road kill?

A mate of mine had a bird of some sort hit him in his face at 140mph. Thankfully he had a motorcycle helmet on but it still almost broke his jaw and covered him in claret!

LOL at the word verification being "healing" on this post!

At Monday, 20 April, 2009, Anonymous David said...

What did you think of the FA Cup semis? I guess Manchester United were in trouble after the team they put on the pitch. Can Everton go out and beat Chelsea in the final? Would be better for them in Chelsea make it all the way to the Champions League final.

At Tuesday, 21 April, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

"Healing"? I think he was beyond that. Pity it wasn't "fuckin' miracle fox and car restorer"...

I didn't think much of either game as far as entertainment goes David.I've a soft spot for Chelsea as my English team ( along with Burnley!) and reckon they'll see off Everton in the final.


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