Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Beats:The Movie

I was going to do some editing and add this to my 1000th post, but I reckon it deserves a post of it's own.Big thanks to Wee Gem for posting this in my comments section.

Assumes deep Cinematic voiceover tone.."First he made your eyes bleed and now he's starting on your ears...It's the Oscar nominated true story of one mans battle with the Stars and Party poker Random Number Generator... Littleacornman:The Bad Beat Movie".



At Tuesday, 31 March, 2009, Blogger Steve H. said...


At Wednesday, 01 April, 2009, Blogger Nick said...

I really didn't know you had an American accent and looked like Badly Drawn Boy.
Wow, you learn something new every day!!!

Great post.

At Wednesday, 01 April, 2009, Blogger weegem said...

You know how Hollywood is. Forever taking good British films and Americanising them :-)


At Wednesday, 01 April, 2009, Blogger Mr Origami said...

"Stephen Hawking exposed as poker degen Littleacornman shocker!! Wheelchair pawned after eyebleed bad beat run!"

At Saturday, 04 April, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...



At Saturday, 11 April, 2009, Anonymous KC said...

I love the movie. I have a similar one on my site. They just crack me up.


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