Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tues Update

I had planned on playing a couple of warm-up games before the Brit Blogger game on Sunday, but I didn't plan for the US clocks going forward and I missed the first 20 minutes.I ended up ticking along nicely until I ran AK into AA in a blinds battle to finish 30th.

The $22's were calling and Party don't appear to have switched my doomswitch off yet as I ran horribly for most of the evening.I'm not going to post a ton of crappy hands but it was relentless and very frustrating.I finished for the evening after taking a 2nd place when 73o/s outflopped my AQ.Not a bad beat by any means but just typical of how I seem to be running just now.Last night the S-man was over for a Half-Life 2 session and I won't induce insomnia by detailing the virtual kicking which saw me crash out of two sngs before bed.

I've been following a few new blogs recently and I'd highly recommend adding this one to your daily reading list.Call me a poker geek for seeing poker in everything, but his last two posts ( March 6th and 9th) seemed particularly applicable to the game we love.Feel free to read them and draw your own poker/life analogies.

I suppose part of the reason I didn't lose sleep over such a nasty losing night on Saturday is because I know that even if it takes some time,my roll will get back to where it was at the start of the month and will at some point reach the high point it was at before the variance biatch hit me hard.Time to forget the bottom line and just keep the focus on making the next decision a good one ( just scoring one goal) and if I keep doing that then profit will eventually follow.

Some poker players remind me of the Germans mentioned in Daves post from March 6th.(Cock-ups v Conspiracy). They don't like to grind and do the same old simple profit making stuff over and over again.They constantly want to make clever moves,showcase their awesome skills and heaven help anyone who tries to raise their blinds during the first few levels.This prompts the full timebank to be used, deep level 15 thinking about ranges,steals and resteals before their 93 o/s reluctantly hits the muck and they add "I'm just not getting any hands" in the chatbox.( usually with 3 minutes gone of level 1 in the 10,0000 chip,45 min blinds levels mtt).FFS just fold and be done with it!

I'm not saying making moves based on reads isn't what poker is about, but it's only a small part.In general low stakes players need to stick to keeping it simple and doing what works over and over again.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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