Saturday, February 28, 2009

Monthly Stats

I may edit these later if I manage to squeeze in any games before the lads night planned for this evening.Ran like crap at the $24,45 player games last night and finished with a couple of horrible $33's on Party too.That's poker though and it's still been a decent month considering I've only played around 300 sngs.

There are a few minor differences to my actual totals.I only made $444 at Party for example because some of the profit shown on Sharky since Feb 1st was included in last months stats.This is mainly due to 5 hour time difference and games played on or around the monthly cut off point.I also made $$ from FT cash games at the beginning of the month and did a few transfers between Stars and FT to other players.( mainly to help those with no Stars funds be able to play the RTR forum game)

Pokerstars $1560( + $7 ),Party $2905 ( + $444),Full Tilt $503 ( + $336).

Total $5077.Monthly profit $787.

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