Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Dollar Down

After a nice wee session at Party I decided to enter the world of aliens and assorted mutant freaks.Yep,I put my new PS3 aside and logged onto Pokerstars...

I began at the $16's ( all 18 player games) and just for a change on Stars I ran like crap.( heavy sarcasm!)It really is possible to simply lose hand after hand after hand when you get your money in good.I do know that already but it still almost takes my breath away just how one sided luck can be at times.Still,I don't feel any great sense of entitlement and I'm not going to start acting like a whiney spoilt kid.The only justice in poker is over the long term and that can be a very long term indeed.

I was a little annoyed with myself that I didn't just quit ahead after my Party session.It is one long game though and as I keep writing here,the only way to beat variance is volume.I should really look at last nights 42 games and tell myself I won about $140 regardless of actual results.( 10-15% roi)

Anyways I moved up,played seven $38 turbs and didn't cash in one of them.Only winning $243 over eleven $27's kept me from making a poor night on Stars even worse.The margins are so thin though,that just one or two flips going my way at the right times in those $16's and $38's would have seen me into the black at Stars for the night.

The other downside of last night was that I didn't get to bed until just after 5am.I was up at 12pm today for the Rangers game which I then discovered has been postponed due to the weather.I can feel my eyes shutting as I write this and have promised myself an early one tonight.

Ok,time to watch the second half of the Spurs v Arsenal game,review last nights exit hands,drop Nacho off and play some Half-life 2.

Here's one hand from the bubble of a $16 I was keen to run through a Sng software tool today to see if I made the right call.Looks like ( result irrelevant) I did.It wasn't a snap call because calling here no matter what the result,effectively means the other similar sized stack ( Bccy on 2630 who is next in the 800 big blind)is freerolling into the money.I'd also noted that Bccy ( 2% roi at $25 over 1300 games) seemed to be a bit of a calling station and I wasn't keen on pushing any two cards into his big blind from the sb if it folded to me on the next hand.

Here's one where I make a bad call.My reasoning was that the shorty could easily double up,the big stack was shoving a huge range ( he was but my call still wrong)and that if I doubled up here I'd be almost certain to cash.

Even if the big stack is shoving any two cards,77 is still a fold.( action folds to big stack who shoves all in)

I'm off to clean out my stable.Heeee haw!

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At Sunday, 08 February, 2009, Blogger dD said...

lmfao nice to see even you high fliers clean stables ... ya big donkey :)

entertaining read as ever.



ps snow gone ? you checked ma hoose ??

At Monday, 09 February, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Dudley.Snow came back on Sunday but not too bad.Yer hoose will still be standing!


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