Saturday, February 07, 2009

Strong Urge to Fly....

In their latest attempt to try and boost flagging sales I see the gutter press have jumped on Jeremey Clarkson's comments labelling our beloved Prime Minister a "one eyed Scottish idiot".Cue fake moral outrage from self righteous hypocritical lefties and a great chance for the sh*trag Daily Mail to try and stir up the "little Englander" attitude it loves so much.

He does have one eye,is Scottish and after his "No more boom or bust comments",he certainly looks a bit of an idiot these days.Case closed! It reminds me of the awards given for the UK's crappiest town/city.Some indignant MP or Mayor type figure,usually living in the leafy suburbs of "Shitsville", always give the same defiant comments about how wonderful the nominated shithole really is, when the reality is that even the people living there would admit they're not fond of the crime ridden concrete jungle they inhabit.

I'm probably just a jaded cynic but I don't buy into the Saint Obama hype either.A committee of Pokerstars micro limit donkeys could have done a better job of running the US than Bush did and if any improvement is deemed a success, then I'm sure he'll be popular.Copying Bob the Builders "Can he fix it?,Yes he can" slogan certainly worked for him, but only time will tell if there's any substance beyond his fine rhetoric.Still if Obama can "provide an example to so many people around the world of what dedicated leadership can achieve" ( his words of praise for Tony Blair the other day when they met) we'll all be better off....

Not much to report on the poker front.Things are a bit stagnant at Party due to running like crap.$50 up from my last 137 games at $22/$33.Last night I hit the tables for a wee while after the ex Mrs A had been round to clean my flat and after I'd watched the excellent "28 Days Later".

I'm also just about to nip out and buy a Ps3 at long last and then I'm picking up Nacho.The s-man may be over later and if he brings games,we'll have a decent choice to pick from.Looking forward to Killzone 2 coming out soon and I've also already bought Half-life 2 and Fallout 3 to play on it.I doubt having a ps3 will be the end of my poker days, but I do too much mindless surfing when not at the felt and it'll be nice to have an alternative.( sick of the 13 channels of shit on the tv to choose from * )

* A lyric from this classic Floyd song.When I was a teen I even owned a silver spoon on a chain.Ahh The Floyd.Still love 'em!

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