Saturday, January 24, 2009

Take it to the bank

Bloody bankers.I went into the Clydesdale bank the other day to transfer funds in order to clear my car loan.When the lady at my bank said there would be a £24 charge, I opted to take out the cash and pop into the Bank of Scotland to pay the money directly into the loan company account.I queued at the BOS for ten minutes before hearing the magic words,”Cashier number 3 please”. Thirty seconds later I’m on my way round to the Royal Bank,having been informed by the BOS desk monkey that the loan account was held there and not by the BOS.

At the RBS there was one teller and a long queue.The old customer at the serving window obviously wasn’t on his lunch hour and every time he seemed to be done,he scratched his head,Columbo style,and came up with yet another “just one last thing” that needed dealt with.I finally get served, only to be told the loan account is with the BOS afterall.Gritting my teeth I head back to the BOS,queue again,get sent to “Cashier number 4 “ this time ,only to be told I need to go downstairs and queue again to pay in any amount over £2k.Aghhhhhh!

This was after nearly getting into a fight with some dumb feck motorist who turned right at the traffic lights without indicating and nearly ran me over.Apparently because the lights were green he didn’t need to signal.Words were had!

Later that evening someone who has known me for a while now asked me something which took me completely aback and made me realise they don’t know me at all.It didn't really sink in at the time, but it has now and I wont be going back for more until my anger abates.Nuff said!

I was gutted for Bullmeister the other night too after watching his team,Burnley,come within 2 minutes of a cup final against Spurs after coming back from being 4-1 down in the first leg.Football can be so damn heartbreaking at times.

On the poker front I've played a few more $22's at Party since my last post and last night I tackled my first Mtt in ages when I fired up the Party $33,$6k gtd with just over 200 runners.Bottom line is that I finished 23rd after I shoved over a loose donkeys raise with 1010,he called with A5 and of course rivered the Ace.

It was now 1.50am and I didn't feel like another 30-45 minute sng so I fired up a $50nl cash game on Full Tilt and doubled my money winning a flip ( yes,it does happen) with QQ v AK.I'm still down about $315 on FT for the month after my shocking run at the $26,45 player games.I mentioned that blogger poker pro Amatay had offered to stake me at these games, but I'd feel terrible about losing someone elses cash on a nasty downswing and actually made a small deposit at FT to keep me afloat there for now.I may try a few more $26's later after I've picked Nacho up shortly.

Ok,back soon...

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At Saturday, 24 January, 2009, Blogger rubbish said...


Been reading your blog recently and have just started my own. I've linked you up and hope you can do likewise if you like mine. Here's the details:

All the best for 2009.

At Monday, 26 January, 2009, Blogger dD said...

oh for FUCK sake !!

i tuned in sunday night and no bloggerment .... doh !

jesus, gotta change the link on my blog now !

man u guys are soooo much trouble .... personally i blame mrCloud :)



At Tuesday, 27 January, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Rubbish.Link added.

Yeah dD,that's Mr Cloud for you...always causing trouble :-)


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