Friday, January 09, 2009

5 in a row...

Today is my last day off work and I've been struck down by man flu.Grrrr!

To the poker and for the first time all week I really got stuck into it last night and played a total of 30 $22 turbs on Party.( 3 tabling) When I was last off work I pushed too hard at the felt,played too many tables and ran like crap.I suppose fear of failure and being a lazy git have meant that I've had a far more relaxed attitude to the grind this week.

The fear of failing may also simply be down to a slightly weak ,wimpish attitude.Even if I'm running well at the $16's ( 18 player turbs)I still only cash just over 1/4 times aprox.This means dealing with the pain of soul sucking beats 3/4 of the time.( and even cashing 1/4 doesn't always mean a win!)For all I hope I come across as quite laidback about my poker,I detest losing with a passion and hate the mental pain and anguish I feel when I don't take a turb down due to a suckout.

I can usually gee myself up when I'm down and that's why when I've run poorly at Stars over a long session, I push on and play more, because if my game is good, I'm going to profit in the end.I've realised now that although that is the case,the end isn't going to be that night and that when running very very badly sometimes ,it's ok to accept a losing night and go to bed!( I usually realise this around 6.30am!) The nature of poker means sadly it's not possible to will yourself to victory.You can only focus on staying on your best game.

Anyways here's how it went down last night to give you a flavour of a night at the turbs and obviously to brag about how it finished!

Game 1 : Shoved A10 (sb into bb) into KK at 200/400.Out.
Game 2 : Shoved QJ ( sb into bb again!) into AK at 200/400.Out. ( v same player both times!)
Game 3 : 1010 AIPF ( All in preflop) v Ak.lost race.Out
Game 4 : Shoved A5 into KK at 200/400.Out
Game 5: Took it down baby!First.
Game 6: Shoved K5sooted ,three handed into 77 at 400/800.Lost.Came 3rd.
Game 7: Shoved A3,three handed,called by KJ.Lost.Came 3rd.
Game 8: Called a shove with A6sooted.Six handed with blinds at 300/600.Lost to raisers QK.Out.
Game 9: Shoved A10 into Aces ,Five handed at 300/600.Out.
Game 10: Still eight left at 300/600.Called shorty shove for 600 with A7 and lost to Q10.Next hand AIPF with A9 v 66 and K6.Out.
Game 11:Raised with KQs.Flat called by one player.Flop Kd 6s 10s.Money in,he shows KK,I don't improve.Out.
Game 12:AK v QK AIPF.King on flop,Queen on turn.Out.
Game 13: Stacks: Me 1170,fishy idiot 2500,bigstack 10k,medstack is 200/400.Idiot min raises and I shove over with A9.He calls with K10 and hits King.Out on bubble.
Game 14: AK loses to 1010 AIPF.Fair enough!
Game 15:QQ V 77 and A10 AIPF.7 on river.Out.
Game 16: KK V 77 AIPF.7 on flop this time.Out.
Game 17:KK V AA.Ace and King on flop.Out.
Game 18:99 v 88 AIPF.Money in on 679 flop.10 on turn.Out and fuckin' ouch again!
Game 19:Shove A9h and lose to KJs AIPF.
Game 20: Took 2nd place.Yeeeeha!
Game 21:Shoved 88 into QQ on bubble against other shortstack.Out.
Game 22: Free flop with K2 in bb.Flop 2s 10h 2c.check/called flop.Turn Ace clubs.Checked out of position hoping he had hit Ace.He checked behind.River 9c.Money in.I let him hit a runner runner flush with K10c.Grrrrr!
Game 23:Shoved A4 into A10 ,three handed.3rd place.
Game 24:Took it down baby! First.
Game 25:Three left.I shove 1010,both call.K10 for bigstack and JQ for other fish.Flop A 4 6.Looking good...Turn King.Took 2nd though as I had more chips than JQ fish at start of hand.
Game 26:A5 shoved HU.Called by K8c.Two Kings on flop.2nd place.
Game 27:Took it down baby!Revenge v the same player HU.My K5s beat his J7 in last hand.First!
Game 28:Took it down baby!My A6 gets lucky v JJ HU and I win.First.
Game 29:Took it down baby! My J10s beats 99 HU v same player as game 28.First.
Game 30:Took it down baby! A2 beats K19 HU.First.
Game 31:Took it down baby! AQ beats A5.First.

I've never, ever taken down 5 in a row before!I actually thought it was only 3 but filtering the finish times to be consecutive gives me five and I'll take that!

At my lowest point I was down $560 on where I ended up by 4am.Crazy old game.I was helped greatly by running hot over those last few games,by the HUD which makes playing 3 tables so much easier and by this excellent 2+2 sng link that Snake_eyes posted on the Raisetheriver forum.Reading the part about roi's gave me a real confidence boost and they way I was running ,I needed it!

Ok,I'm off to sneeze my way into the weekend.Gl at the tables..

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At Sunday, 11 January, 2009, Blogger Amatay said...

if u ever want any staking for SnGs or 45/90 manners mate, let me know

At Monday, 12 January, 2009, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Amatay.I've never really tried the 45/90 man games.Maybe I should!


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