Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brit Blogger Game Tonight

Actual start time is 9pm gmt/4 pm est under the Private tab in the Full Tilt lobby.

The football was crap yesterday.Rangers lost 1-0 and the police sunk to new depths,this time confiscating a banner from the Rangers end which showed the same "Offended bus" I posted the other day.( reason given was that someone might be offended by it!) Still,at least nobody risked arrest by singing the Hokey Cokey.One Scotland,Many Cultures (unless you're a Rangers fan).

I picked Nacho up after the game,took him for a long walk and watched some poker training vids before having a baby.Ok,I didn't have a baby, but apparently my Mum would like me to have one. No casual relationships or FWB's for me eh! My sister and hubby are going through IVF stuff at the moment and hopefully that will work out and my Mum can get her wish for a kid in the family.I have always wanted kids of my own and who knows what the future holds.It's not on my list for the January sales though!

To the poker and I began last night with Dr Paulys PLO game on Stars as it's a nice break from the NL turbo grind.Even after glancing at the occasional starting hand chart I'm still a PLO donkey, although I actually enjoy having to give hands some thought instead of operating on almost auto-pilot.( even if these thoughts only extend to "It looks shiney,I call"!) The good Doc even questioned my move when I raised KKK4 and took a pot down at showdown.My logic was that it had folded to me in late postion,it was Xmas time and three Kings are always good at this time of year.... **

I bowed out the PLO game in 11th place,fired up a couple of $22's at Party and managed to take one of them down.As Sharkscope doesn't work on Party and I'm too lazy to keep a proper record, I'm going to email Party support and see if they can provide me with some stats for the sngs I've played there.There is certainly a lot less variance when 3/10 get paid instead of the 4/18 I'm used to at the two table games.

I moved over to Stars and two wins and a few wee cashes from 21 games saw me finish the night with a $35 overall profit.I was 4 tabling for most of the session and was glad to finish ahead after not playing particularly well for most if it.Tiredness,being in a crappy mood after the football and suffering from a frustrating start ( usual beats and lost flips) are my feeble excuses!At least I hit the sack around 3.30am ( 6am finishes really are not healthy!)and made around $80 overall.

My plan tonight is to play the Britblogger game on Full Tilt and also the Million Dollar Turbo Takedown Mtt on Stars.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

** My PLO strategy guide will be available soon.

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