Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sat Update

I was probably too tired to play decent poker over the last couple of nights.I did some boring stuff around my flat,watched another training vid and hit the tables about 10pm for a few games on Thursday evening.For a change I played two $16 single table turbs on Stars and was lucky to come second in one after playing quite poorly.I took my $9 overall profit and fired up a couple of $22's on Party.I may try starting most nights by playing a couple of $6 games to warm up from now on as I always seem to feel a bit out of sorts when I first sit down.

Anyway I ran into a bigger hand in the first $22 and took 3rd in the other when a numpty villain called my 1010 shove with 108sooted and hit runner runner spades.It was Iron Maiden time ( Two Minutes till Midnight) and for once I decided to be sensible and go to bed instead of rolling another and playing more poker.

Not Iron Maiden....

Last night I could barely keep my eyes open and didn't start playing until late on.( apart from donking out a wee $6.50 PLO turb).I was feeling tired,bored and restless and should probably have stayed away from the tables.Inspired by Amatays post,I fired up a couple of slow speed $26 ,45 player games on Full Tilt and played like an idiot in the them.I'd actually crashed out the first one before I realised it wasn't a turbo...

In my third attempt I came 11th and if I could actually win a coin flip,I'm sure I'd have cashed.The games are certainly lived up to their fishy billing and after getting 10 hours sleep last night, I'm looking forward to playing them tonight when I get back from the football.

I did hear from Dudley ( Resdent Evil) last week and he let me know he's ok.( no recent blog updates!) He said he has been inspired by the X Factor and is now dedicated to following his musical dream.Look out for him pop pickers!

I mentioned feeliing bored and restless.Part of me is enjoying being 36 with no major commitments.My mortgage is relatively small and financially ( (partly thanks to poker) I'm far better off than I expected to be when I moved back to my flat last year.Playing poker,staying up late,long lies,pub dinners,smoking a ton of herb and total freedom to come and go as I please are all great I suppose.It's just not where I expected to be at this stage of my life.I see the ex leaving her heating off to save money and can't help feeling ( despite the fact that she dumped me!) that I somehow let them down.Perhaps after living on my own for so long I was too set in my ways ( selfish in other words) to adapt properly.

I did meet someone else ( almost exactly a year ago) and for obvious reasons I don't feel I can write much about that here.Distance,state of mind,other issues and the fact it's not worked out a few times now (and each time we've not spoken for at least a month), mean I genuinley don't know if either of us feel it's worth pursuing again.

Ok,enough of that! Here's an interesting wee hand from the bubble of the $22 I played in the other night.( the one I cashed in and ran 1010 into 108)It's not a move I make very often.It was based on my read that the villain was a good, solid player who knew he should be raising wide to steal because of the shorty.He also knew he couldn't call my shove without a top 5 hand as this would cripple him.I expected him to think that I would know that I couldn't raise without a monster myself thanks to the shorty and that he'd be more likely to respect my bet for that reason.Perhaps I didn't need to take a chance here and it was a donk move.It felt right at the time though and sure enough the villain folded.No fear!

Ok,don't forget tonight is Dr Paulys PLO donkfest and Sunday is Brit Blogger day.( 4pm est/9pm gmt)

Good luck at the tables...

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At Sunday, 07 December, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zagga,

We need to talk... First read of your post in a long while, lots of sh1t going on.!!! Vics and I fine but everything else is crazy.... Stick some bucks in my FT account - when did you change donkament from PS?? and I'll transfer to your PS account... See you at the UK bloggerment!!!!


At Sunday, 07 December, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Ahh Mr Eleven!! Glad you and Vics ok.Catch up with you later.

No probs doing transfer.What's your name on FT? AlEleven doesnae seem to work!


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