Monday, December 01, 2008

Sunday recap

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Brit Blogger game last night.Things weren’t looking good with only four starters by 9pm, although a late rush meant we had a full table at least.I was late starting myself as I was heads up at a Party $22.I took that game down and settled back for some suckout Bloggy action.I was only dealt two playable hands.My KQ shove UTG sucked out on AQ before I shoved 22 from the button into 44.Congrats to Mr Cloud on taking down his 647th Bloggy title!

As I was watching Rosie pwn ( her favourite word!) an Mtt on I-poker I decided to play a quick $20 single table turbo there and it couldn’t have gone any better.I had the bigstack by the time the bubble came around and I was even able to keep the bubble going by leaving the shorty alone long enough to plunder more chips from the others.By the time I got heads up, my opponent had less than 2k.

After those two wins the only way was down and so it proved with a failed $22,$33 and two nasty $16 turbos. One $16 in particular frustrated the hell out of me. ( for a minute or two at least). There were ten left,the big fish on my left raised,there was one caller and a solid shark regular ( Manhat0n1te) shoved for about 2.5k.I looked down to Jacks,put the shark on KK/AA,duly folded and tried not to look too smug as the shark showed Aces and the fish J10.Good fold me…..until my annual one outer suckout Jack arrived on the river!! I rarely chat at all but squeaked a quick “nooooo” in despair.A few minutes later I pick up Kings,get it in preflop v the same fishies KJ sooted and crashed out when he hit his flush. Standard...

I did go bed a bit annoyed at the last few games I played and telling myself to try and be a bit happier about winning $70 overall.I have actually been enjoying my poker more recently despite the not so great results.Sometimes poker feels more like a part-time job than a hobby and I feel like I have to play as opposed to actually wanting to hit the tables.

Time for a couple of non poker grumbles before I go.We had girls from Frasers ( huge dept store) in our office today selling cosmetics,perfumes etc.Nothing wrong with that but why the white lab coats? It seems it’s all part of the same con to make it look as if there is actually some genuine science behind their overpriced potions.You’re not Doctors! Dress appropriately.Short skirts and crop tops perhaps….!

Pay as you go mobiles eh.I don’t want to listen to a 10 minute sales pitch everytime I top up my new phone! I nearly launched the damn thing through a window the other night after enduring some spiel about their new “surprises” promotion.They’ll look feckin’ surprised when I turn up at their offices with an AK47 and ram the damn thing where the sun don’t shine.

Ok. Looking after Nacho tonight,over to the s-mans for some COD 5 action tomorrow night and looking forward to the weekend already.

Back soon…


At Monday, 01 December, 2008, Blogger Rosie said...

You're not a grumpy old man at all are you ? Mine's Chanel no.5 btw ;0)

At Monday, 01 December, 2008, Blogger Klopzi said...

RE: Poker feeling like a job...

Definitely my biggest challenge when it comes to poker. As soon as I realize that I can make money playing poker, I look elsewhere to amuse myself.

Last week, I was gung-ho on poker. Then I saw my monthly results. They were too good for just a "hobby" and there's no way that I'm going to waste my free time working a second job (ie. poker).

So I'm back to video games again.

I'm probably a little sick in the head, right?

At Wednesday, 03 December, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Nope,not in the slightest Rosie!

Sick in the head Kiopzi? Without a doubt mate ;-)


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