Monday, November 17, 2008

Social Sunday Review...

I warmed up for last nights games by watching a BigJoe training vid on Sngicons.At 9pm it was time for the Brit Blogger game on Full Tilt and the RebelsofPoker forum game on Stars.

Congrats to Lexluther on taking down the Blogger game and thanks to everyone who showed up to play.I went out 6th and I'm afraid my new herbage is so good I've no idea what my exit hand was! If it was a suckout I'm sure I'd remember, so I probably donked out!

I'd joined the RebelsofPoker forum after seeing many of the best Stars Sng players using the forum avatar at the tables.Sixteen players entered the $10 game and there were a few bounties on the pro ginders too.

I had notes ( extensive notes like "shark" or "solid winner") on a few of the players at my table and a "friend" ( ahem) kindly supplied me with Sharky stats on the others.( Stars now bans Sharkscope use) It was one of the toughest line ups I've faced at the tables and depsite the fact they were probably all playing 20 tables at the same time,I knew I'd have my work cut out for me.

I felt I held my own quite well overall and there was only a short spell when Vectile was shoving over my pre-flop raises that left me feeling like I was being completely outplayed.Winning a big race with AQ v 88 set me up for a final table run and I tried to pick my spots carefully from then on.I was card dead for most of that final table and had to make a few steals and resteals to stay in the hunt.

Finally we were down to the bubble and unfortunately for me that's where my game ended.I'm struggling to recall all the details of my exit hand but here's a rough idea of what happened and the logic behind my move.

My donkey ears flapped in front of my eyes,I shoved and lost.( that's the simple explanation!).Ok, Skitzofrenik had a huge chiplead,scone-on was on around 2k and giRL90ihqdaa just had my 4k covered with about 4.5k.I picked up K10c utg and decided to shove as scon had been tight in the bb and I reckoned I'd be ahead of his random hand.As it was the bubble I didn't expect giRL90ihqdaa to call me light and my only worry was Skitz who had respected my raises so far during the game.

I don't remember the exact blinds (at least 400/800 I think).Although I had a lead over scon in third place, he wasn't about to sit there waiting to be blinded out and as it would be me he would be shoving on,I felt pushing my K10c and getting him to fold would put me in a much better spot.I mentioned steals earlier, and when I'd made one with K4 a bit earlier he had pegged me for a premium hand and that was also a small factor in my decision.The upshot was that giRL90ihqdaa called from the button with AK and I didn't improve.

I was also playing a wee $6 ,20 player game on Party with Juice and Rosie.I scraped into the money in that one and bubbled a $22 before bedtime.

Thanks for reading.Back soon....

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At Wednesday, 19 November, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is SnGIcons like mate?

Your sharkscope still looks mega impressive though!

Been bumping into that Manhat10nite and another guy called th1987 (or very similar)a lot more recently. Starting to wonder if these $16 games on stars are finally becoming rock gardens...

What do you reckon mate? I know you play them a lot like me.

At Wednesday, 19 November, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Sngicons is a tough one to review tbh.They don't have a ton of vids/instructors etc like say Cardrunners and the vids tend to just be games recorded in realtime.They do though have players like Bigjoe2003,Spacegravy etc and even if there's not a great deal of indepth analysis I love just watching them play.

Been wondering the same about the $16's being far tighter these days.What do I reckon? By all means keep playing 'em but get your backside over to Party too.The $22's and $33's are much like Stars $6.50.( in general).


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